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COVID-19 - Do You Know?

  1. How to Select the right cleaner
    • How to tell the difference between the massive varieties of cleaners seen on the grocery and hardware shelf? 
    • Which are simply marketing water? 
    • Which will harm your marble or tile grout seal resulting in etches or stained grout? 
    • Which will remove hard water create grout staining problems later.
  2. How what you wipe WITH impacts your safety between paper towels, towels, microfiber cloths or mops and how each needs to be managed with COVID19 concerns in mind?  <link to the WHAT DO YOU WIPE WITH PAGE>
    • Paper towels are the safest.
    • Microfiber are green but need another step to be safe.
  3. What works faster a cleaner or a disinfectant?
    • And how they can work together as an effective 1-2 punch.
  4. Why does a disinfectant REQUIRE a residence time to be effective?
  5. How UV light can help maintain a clean space? >
    New technology employed in fish tanks, cleaner purification (we have used it for years), CPAP device cleaning can help create a healthier space.
  6. Are you cleaning the RIGHT surfaces? Most of us are not.
  7. COVID 19 is sneaky
    • Are you potentially touching multi-use locations shared by others without knowing it?
    • What you should clean, and
    • how you might pay-it-forward by cleaning-forward with the use of a 4 oz spray bottle and paper towel
  8. Do you know
    • what causes stained grout?
    • Why it comes back?
    • What is needed to halt it completely and forever?
    • Why it signals an unhealthy floor?
    • MARBLELIFE has THE answer (as you can see below) and while a cleaner caused the problem, a quick service is the cure.


MARBLELIFE is a SCIENCE COMPANY that develops SOLUTIONS designed to enhance the relationship between PEOPLE, their BUILDINGS and their BUSINESSES.

However, most people know

MARBLELIFE as a HARD SURFACE Restoration, Maintenance and Care Company

As this is how they typically have interacted with solutions in the past.

MARBLELIFE has offices throughout North America.


Positioned to Service 78% of the population

We offer the widest coverage network in the industry.

Whether you are seeking to restore or enhance the health of your home or building or a portfolio of locations across the country MARBLELIFE can assist.

We are on a MISSION to enhance Building Health

And in so doing defeat COVID19 and its family of corona virus including the common cold and flu and reduce interior mold issues through hard surface care and appropriate restoration.

Healthy Living Adjustments for Viruses

Healthy Living involves

  1. Healthy Personal Actions and Responsibilities
  2. Healthy & Appropriate Cleaning and Disinfection Practices on
  3. Healthy Building Surfaces - Appropriately Cared for Surfaces.

Healthy Personal Actions & Responsibilities

  • Maintaining social distance – outside the sneeze zone – of 6 feet min.
  • Cover coughs & sneezes with tissue or elbow but not hand which will then be used to touch and contaminate other services
  • Wash hands
    • After Coughing or Sneezing into hands (if one has forgotten the elbow or tissue rule)
    • After using the bathroom – think through how you will operate door, sink water and soap dispensers, and clothing fasteners and zippers as part of your process, as this will change depending on the set-up in the bathroom you are in.
    • After touching a multiple person shared surface – doorknob, ATM touchscreen, Gas pump, Public car vac, Public Air, Mailbox, Store doors, Grocery carts, grocery baskets
    • Using a public facility, fitness center, sports arena, bar, restaurant or other place that serves the public
  • Avoid touching public surfaces where possible.

Healthy & Appropriate Cleaning & Disinfection Practices including:

  • What chemicals we clean with – avoid cleaners that offer multiple purposes as they need to leave something behind when we are striving to remove all contaminants from the surface.
  • What chemicals we disinfect with – be sure they are suitable for the purpose at hand. CDC offers guidance on the type products suitable for managing COVID-19.
  • What we use to apply and remove our cleaner & disinfectant and how we handle them after use – Paper Towels can immediately be thrown out, while thought has to given on how to transport and wash kitchen towels, microfiber towels and mops to avoid contacting a cleaning wipe material which may still contain virus.
  • Appropriate cleaning & disinfection practices – Clean to remove mass – disinfect the surface- clean to remove disinfecting products.
  • Review surfaces to insure they are either non-porous or recently sealed. BE AWARE some surfaces that appear solid are indeed porous such as marble, granite and cementitious grout (sanded and non-sanded). Most seals are temporary and can be damaged with acid cleaners – therefore if they have not been sealed in the past 2 years, or you see stained grout you should have them resealed. MARBLELIFE can assess and provide permanent grout seals and re-seal marble and granite surfaces. Eliminate places for bacteria and mold too hide so they can be better cleaned and disinfected.

Healthy Building Surface Maintenance

  • Seal Porous Substrates including GROUT, MARBLE, GRANITE, TERRAZZO and CONCRETE
    • Tile Grout Lines – MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL & TILELOK offerings
    • Marble Floors & Counters – MARBLELIFE SEALING
    • Granite Floors & Counters – MARBLELIFE SEALING
    • Terrazzo & Concrete Floors – MARBLELIFE SEALING & Wax removal
  • Eliminate the use of Wax from vinyl and other floors and capture ECONOMIC (30-40%) and health advantages – This one is really a no brainer as the very act of buffing spins floor debris back into the air. When one considers that corona virus such as the common cold, flu and COVID-19 must be inhaled through nose or mount we are in effect re-aerosolizing floor deposits when we buff dry. Buffing and Honing needs to be done wet to capture dust.
    • Reduce manpower
    • Avoid sending floor waste back into the air through periodic buffing a major concern today with corona virus such as common cold, flu or COVID-19 which can survive for days on hard surfaces but MUST BE INHALED TO CAUSE INFECTION, making buffing particularly unattractive.
    • Avoid high waste associated with stripping and re-application
    • Avoid scuffing
    • Shift to anti-mold supporting durable hard coats that will not scuff and do not require periodic stripping or buffing and see a 30-40% total floor cost savings in addition to health benefits
  • Apply permanent ANTI-MOLD treatments in locker-rooms, gyms and public shower facilities to contain mold spore related infections such as Athlete’s foot and Jock-itch
  • Evaluate BUFFER use to avoid Dry-Buffing which can relaunch floor dirt into the air where it can be inhaled. This places all wax management programs under review. All buffer operations should be WET to contain-and-remove dust, dirt and debris. One is a detriment while the other a benefit.
  • Consider UV-C Light Sanitization Systems to better automate sanitization with technology already in use for water purification in aquariums, HVAC systems, cleaner purification and CPAP device cleaners and refrigerator systems.

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