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Tile and Grout ColorSeal Services

MARBLELIFE® offers professional grout cleaning and stain removal services to eliminate surface dirt and discoloration. Our expertise in stone, tile, and grout cleaning ensures the most suitable care for your specific needs. As the industry leader, we guarantee the most effective and cost-efficient solutions, restoring your tile and grout to a clean, fresh appearance.

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Ugly, Dirty Grout Got You Down?
MARBLELIFE® COLORSEAL has you covered.

Have stained grout?
Is your tile and grout looking dull and discolored?
Want to eliminate stained grout for good? We understand.
MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL is engineered to address the root cause that allowed your grout to become stained in the first place. Once MARBLELIFE restored, your grout will be easier-to-keep clean, as dirt, oils and debris are kept on top of the grout where they are easier to remove, then once absorbed into the grout.
Stained grout is the most prevalent problem facing most building and home owners. MARBLELIFE is on a mission to eradicate dirty grout once and for all.

How can we be confident our buildings and home are clean-and-healthy if we cannot maintain a clean floor? Great effort and intentions do not always get rewarded, if done with an uncooperating surface, or an inappropriate cleaner.

Most grout stain issues are the result of using an inappropriate cleaner capable of damaging the original grout seal. Once removed the grout pores are once again open to accept dirt and oil. Once in the grout one is unable to use traditional cleaning solutions. Elbow grease can no longer substitute for a less effective cleaner, making cleaner differences more apparent. This encourages people to try other cleaners which ultimate creates both “Cleaner Frustration” and eventually removes the grout’s seal and encourages grout staining.

MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL solves this problem once and for all. Once installed, MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL sealing chemistry eliminates the acid sensitivity of the original grout seals, halting this problem, and broadening the range of cleaners that can used on the surface. A clean appearance is now easier to maintain. The floor looks cleaner and healthier because it is. This reflects well on the building owner, the business operator and at home with our families.


When MARBLELIFE arrives they will

  1. Clean the floor to remove any oils and lose dirt that could interfere with the application.
  2. The floor will be treated to remove any remnants of the original seals to ensure the floor is ready to accept the new seal.
  3. MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL will be applied to reseal or if changing the color re-colorise the grout.
  4. If the tile is being restored, it will then be reglazed insitu in the case of a ceramic surface, or repolishing in the case of a natural stone such as marble, granite, limestone, travertine or a terrazzo tile.


Unlike traditional sealing methods, MARBLELIFE®’ COLORSEAL approach allows the craftsman to visually determine which areas are more porous than others, ensuring a consistent and uniform seal is applied and accepted by the surface.

After the seal has been applied, dirt and bacteria will no longer be absorbed into the grout during the daily or routine cleaning process. Instead dirt and oils remain on the surface where they can more easily cleaned, disinfected, wiped or moped away..


Most grout starts to develop a stained or spotty appearance within 6-months of installation. The dirty appearance is due to the unsealed grout’s absorption of dirt, grime, and other debris. This can occur if the grout was not sealed on installation OR if the grout is cleaned with an acid containing cleaner which can remove the traditionally most common silicate based penetrating sealers.

Cleaners that are promoted as being lemon-fresh, orange scented or vinegar enfused, or pure vinegar can all damage silicon penetrating sealer based seals, and as such the conditions that lead to stained grout are often created with cleaner choice.

Once MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL has been applied, cleaner selection opportunities expand. MARBLELIFE will of course recommend


Attempting to scrub away the discoloration may worsen the appearance of your grout, as the use of inappropriate cleaners, as described above can actual exaserbate the issue by removing additional areas of seal, and opening them up to grout staining by absorbing dirt water during the cleaning process itself. Acidic cleaners can also leach grout dyesg radually fade your grout color.
MARBLELIFE pioneered its MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL technology in 2004. MARBLELIFE has treated thousands of properties throughout North America. The technology is so effective it is still protecting homes done more than 15 years ago.
When the root cause is understood and addressed, the problem can be permanentlyr esolved.


More than 20% of the residential grout restoration work MARBLELIFE performs is required as a result of the use of inappropriate cleaners or chemicals. The assumption that all cleaners are basically equivalent is one of the most expensive cleaner misconceptions.

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MARBLELIFE makes janitorial service lives easier, and building appearances cleaner and healthier.

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Addressing gaps in care coverage earlier can result in lower costs and superior appearances. Whether you have questions on cleaner use, matting, care strategies MARBLELIFE’s 35+years of scientific optimization and experience can help you better manage your surfaces.


The number one complaint by office tenants in high-rise buildings is the appearance of the lobby and bathroom floors “(grout)” Those quotes are not air quotes but actual quotes from the study itself. No one wants to get trapped in a dirty bathroom and try and get out without touching anything. Humorous vision but a post-covid reality.

Architects are fond of saying that when it comes to floors “Grout is 5% of the floor but 95% of the complaints.” This same problem arises in hotels and hospitals. All from the same fundamental root cause. MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL will be how grout is colored in the future, as it allows a new construction manager or architect to verify that the grout has been sealed, based on the color change. MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL’s acid resistant chemistry also enables architects who specified that grout be sealed, have not lost their seal due to the cleaner selection used by the final post-construction cleaning crew.

Whether you are systemizing the care of the building you are charged with managing or cleaning MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL makes the building surfaces easier to clean and maintain. At home we all want to feel confident we have provided our families a clean and heathy home.

The presence of stained grout raises good questions about the health and cleanlines of your surface care practices. MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL’s easy-to-clean consitant appearance creates a healthier life stressful life for all family members.DULL CERAMIC FLOORS
Marrying MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL technology with our with our TILELOK insitu ceramic reglazing treatments, not only restores a durable glossy appearance to your worn or matte finish ceramic but also imparts

Allowing MARBLELIFE to boldly claim, the resulting surface is truly better-than-new.

TileLok chemistry provides a surface that will not support mold growth.
Tilelok technology challenges the wax-truth that a shiny wax is a slipper wax, but Tilelok can deliver gloss without sacrificing slip resistance.
Tilelok turns antigrafitti technology on its head. While most anti-grafitti technologies work be creating a weak coating that after being tagged can be scrubbed away, Tilelok operates like a white board allow you the tagging chemistry whether permanent marker or spray paint to be wiped away with ease. This means no need to have to re-apply your old school anti-graffiti paint. This means inhouse janitorial can address tagging. From the “artist’s” perspective – who wants to create only to see one’s art removed within 24 hours – better to change tagging locations. Tilelok works.

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Christmas Tree Store – Shrewsbury MA – Project took 1-day to MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL and then TILELOK turning an eyesore into a brilliant new floor and a strong statement on cleanliness and commitment to providing healthy building for employees and guests alike.

Where would you rather shop?
If this was a restaurant – Where would you return to again?
Your floors can and do impact your business and how people perceive you and your commitment to “clean.”


Sanded & Unsanded Grout Surfaces:

Your floor is walk-ready within 10-minutes following application, reaching full durability and strength after approximately 7 days, but can be cleaned within 24 hours. This means no disruptions and minimal bathroom downtime.

Ongoing maintenance is significantly simplified as dirt and grime are unable to penetrate the grout and is forced to remain on the surface, where it can be removed with a cloth and the appropriate MARBLELIFE cleaner for your surface whether

Our special cleaners have been formulated to leave behind no harmful oils, waxes or acids. This means no build-up of sticky residues. MARBLELIFE®’s products are designed to facilitate the removal of oils and dirt and do so rapidly, for a TRUE CLEAN.

NOTE: MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL treatments are for use on sanded and non-sanded surfaces.

MARBLELIFE’s latest generation MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL technology can also be used withto change color on epoxy grout surfaces, simplifying re-accenting your space as your interior design tastes mature or change. Change the towels and curtains and your grout can be accented to match..

Are you ready to bring your surfaces back to life?

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