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Stone & Tile Articles

It's Not You Or Your Cleaner It May Be Your Floor

More than 25 years ago, a senior executive for one of the largest chemical companies in the world directed his team of PHD Chemists to solve his biggest problem.

Does Your Grout Look Dull? Is Frustration Setting In?

It takes more than effort to get grout clean.

How To Properly Clean Travertine Floors And Avoid Long Term Damage

If you have a travertine floor, you share something in common with many ancient Romans. Travertine is used extensively throughout the Coliseum.

Keeping Granite Counters Beautiful

It may be as hard as “granite”, but it still requires some TLC to look its best. Cleaning, sealing and common sense can go a long way to keeping your granite looking great.

A Better Way To Clean Your Marble And Travertine Floors

The use of a traditional mop and bucket is the primary factor in converting floor dirt to grout stains.

Did you know that your floor cleaner can impact the slip safety of your floors?

As a floor service provider, slip safety is a consideration on each of our services and products. Slip safety is one of the most mis-understood and myth filled subjects.

NEW Grout And Restoration Could Change Everything

When people think about floors they tend to focus on the tile, but get upset about the grout.

Eliminate Soap Scum in Your Shower

The average American baths and showers everyday. Of course, if you are an athelete, work-out regularly, or have teen agers, this number can be even higher.

Heavy Mold Cleaning of Marble, Traverting & Slate Showers

In marble, travertine, slate and other natural stone showers where mold is heavy and obviously visible, the removal of mold stains can be accomplished quite simply.

Routine Cleaning of Shower Mold & Mildew

Stone showers are beautiful and have wonderful character. Keeping them looking that way means that you must be very careful with the products you use or damage can occur.

Common Cleaning Myths – Quick Tips On Common Cleaners and Multifunction Products

Most cleaning products spend more time on MARKETING their product than on designing a long-term solution for their customer.

MARBLELIFE® Marble Floor Cleaning & Restoration Tips

Marble floors are beautiful and BUT DO require special attention. Regular floor and household cleaners can damage your floors leaving them dull or stained requiring professional attention.

How Dish Soap Can Lead To Trouble.

Dish soap is good for cleaning dishes which are not porous and can be rinsed thoroughly. Granite, Marble and Grout are all porous which means oils get trapped in the pores and must be lifted out.

Cleaning Floors with InterCare & Microfiber Mop

Using a traditional mop and bucket is the primary cause of dirty floor grout and contributes to the spread of bacteria and viruses.

The Order of Care When Caring for Natural Stone

When caring for natural stone such as Granite, Marble and others there is an order to things which helps to assure the best care possible based on the stones longevity and appearance.