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Multi-Function Product Myths

It is popular today to have two or more different functions in one product such as Cleans & Disinfects or Cleans & Shines or Cleans & Protects and alike. The problem is that in many cases this doesn’t work.

Take for instance your granite countertops. You want a clean surface free of oils and safe to prepare food on. Your shiny appearance is derived by the fact that the surface has a mirror smooth finish that reflects light. This is achieved by the fact the surface has been ground flat. While a floor will become dull due to wear, countertops do not see a lot of “foot traffic” or heavy use. They tend to dull due to deposits of oil or wax. For example, a glass cleaner often contains a small amount of wax intended to settle into glass scratches so that the surface is filled, however on a granite counter these waxes deposit a layer that dulls the surface over time. Similarly, when one uses a “conditioner” one is certainly not going to change the what is the second hardest surface next to diamond. Instead, one is applying a bandaid, an oil designed to fill in scuffs in the wax that has deposited on the surface so that light reflects. This is no different than seeing a reflection off a puddle of water, as the principle is exactly the same, your light is simply reflecting off the oil you have applied to the counter. Is the counter clean? It is certainly not free of oils or waxes. In fact, we are heading in the wrong direction. As such, products that claim to clean and SHINE, are not leaving an oil or wax-free surface. MARBLELIFE has been caring for stone surfaces for 25 years. Our products are designed to provide longterm satisfaction. They do NOT deposit oils just the opposite, they are designed to remove oil deposits whether from cooking, human contact, or other sources.

Products that are touted to clean and seal encounter the same conflict. It is difficult to be the best at anything when one has to compromise in order to add another feature, and often runs counter to providing an optimal outcome. Sealing is serious business. We do so in order to prevent a surface from being stained, because we know that the cost, disruption and frustration associated with the procedures necessary to remove a stain, are substantially more painful and costly than to have a seal applied every other year. It sounds wonderful to think that a product that can clean and seal will save us time. The problem becomes, how do you know if you have enough sealer? What happens when the surface is sealed? The material begins to build up on the surface. How are these products removed? It may not be as simple as stripping of cleaning them off. They may need to be ground off to restore the surfaces original shine. Better to use a sealer to seal, and then once fully reacted, a cleaner to keep that surface clean.

This assures one the most cost effective and optimal outcome. By the way, MARBLELIFE STONE SEALER is designed to be easy to apply, and offers lasting protection. If you are concerned, allow one of our service offices to assist you. They can assess your stone’s situation, provide guidance on care based on decades of experience, which will save you time aggravation, and assure your stone assets continue to add value versus detract from appearances. Once sealed, MARBLELIFE Cleaners can do what they are designed to do, keep your surface free from dirt, debris and most of all oils.

What these combo products do well, is highlight the fact that it takes a little more than just a cleaner to maintain your stone, tile or grout’s natural beauty and appearance. A good cleaner is half the battle. The other half is maintaining your stone and grout surfaces are properly sealed. The combination will insure a clean beautiful appearance for year’s to come. Have questions about your surfaces simply call MARBLELIFE and discuss your situation with your local craftsman by calling (888) 463-2780

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