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Granite & Quartz Identification & Care

Granite is a resilient natural surface, popular for countertops and flooring and come in many different colors. Granite can best be identified by its crystal like or salt and peppered appearance. As you can see in these examples of Granite, there is a distinct crystal look to it. Yet other Granite has more of a speckled or salt and pepper look.

Caution: Some cleaners that contain acid can be harmful to granite and most cleaning products will leave a residue, causing a dull film and leave oils trapped in the pores of the granite that emit odors, as the oils become rancid.

The proper care for Granite is to use a high quality cleaner that is not only safe for the granite, but will travel into the pours of the granite, lifting out oils trapped inside, without leaving a residue. Cleaning is the most important step with granite followed by applying a sealer.

Sealing Granite is applying a safe clear durable substance to fill in its pores, which helps to keep out things that may cause stains such as red wine, coffee, B-B-Q sauce or colored sports drink.

The only polishing of granite should be done by a professional as this is serious work. A gloss conditioner may be applied to help bring out the inner beauty of granite, but beware that some granite does not change its appearance with gloss conditioners.