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Surface Showdown: Granite vs. Quartz

The decision is made. You’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom with a new countertop. But now you have another big choice — one that will impact aesthetics, cost and maintenance.


Granite and quartz are two of the most popular countertop options for kitchens and bathrooms. Both are beautiful and highly durable — as long as they’re properly maintained. Here’s a head-to-head comparison to help you find your final answer to this quarry-related query.


Gorgeous, Glamorous Granite


Granite is a 100% natural stone, formed from hot, molten magma. Its colors can range from black to light gray, cream, brown, blue, gold, green or pink — often with bold swirls and patterns. Granite is mined all over the world and then cut into slabs and polished for many design applications. Favored in many traditional interior designs, granite can make a high-drama statement or subtle enhancement, adding beauty to any space.


Maintenance Issues


As a natural stone, granite is both hard and heat resistant — but it can still chip, scratch and scorch. And granite is porous, making it susceptible to stains, which surprises many homeowners. While cleaning granite is easy with MARBLELIFE® Granite & Quartz Cleaner, preventing stains requires sealing — and regular resealing. Committing to a sealing schedule and taking steps to avoid damage are important considerations if you’re thinking about installing granite in your home or commercial property. Also, using vinegar, lemon juice or other acidic cleaners will remove the seal, so it’s best to reapply every year or so to resist staining if using acidic products.


MARBLELIFE® can protect your granite investment by sealing brand-new countertops, diagnosing any existing granite degradation and restoring your surface. Our stone-care specialists can repair cracked or chipped granite, remove stubborn stains and apply a high-quality sealer to help prevent future problems.


Quintessential Quartz


Quartz countertops are manufactured from a blend of mostly ground natural quartz mixed with polymer resins. Because it’s a manufactured product, quartz comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns and is able to complement nearly any color and design scheme. While its look has less movement and drama than high-end granite, the wide variety of colors is a bonus. It’s very popular in contemporary and transitional design schemes.


Care Concerns


Quartz countertops are both hard and highly durable. And because they’re nonporous, sealing isn’t necessary. But while it is harder than granite, quartz is not heat-resistant — so be careful with hot pots and pans, and be sure to use a trivet or heat pad.


Despite its resilience and many advantages, quartz still needs proper cleaning and care. Thankfully, it can easily be cleaned with MARBLELIFE® Granite & Quartz Cleaner. You’ll still want to avoid highly abrasive cleaners however as they can leave micro-abrasions behind on this easily-scratchable surface. This is particularly true of AJAX cleaners or Brillo pad products. If you feel like you really need to get physical with your stone, consider MARBLELIFE® Soap & Scum Remover. This product is engineered to use a soft pressure degradable “abrasive” that is harder than food, wax or soap build-up but disintegrates when pressed against a hard surface, preventing it from producing scratches. It’s great for removing burnt on food or other hard-to-remove surface materials.


And the Winner Is …


While high-end granite costs more than most quartz, some pricier quartz surfaces can run you more money than entry-level granite. If buying for your home or business, you are going to live with the surface for a longer time. As such, paying a little more for what lights up your life is likely worth it. If buying for a functional commercial kitchen or a rental unit, then cost can become a bigger issue, but price alone does not have to be a deciding factor.


If you feel strongly about environmental friendliness, the choice is a little hazy. There are a few factors to consider: whether or not it is a pure natural product, fuel costs to transport the material from the quarries, and other materials bound to the countertop that are made from petroleum products. Sustainability aside, like most decisions, it all comes down to personal preference and your intended use. You can’t go wrong with either choice as long as you have the right expectations in terms of cost and care. Each product has its place and is considered a quality surface within that space.


And when it comes to countertop care, your MARBLELIFE® pro can address the needs of all these surfaces and make either granite or quartz a big win for your home or business. From professional sealing and repair services to quality proprietary products, your local MARBLELIFE® pro can help make your countertops come out on top every time.

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