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Eliminate Soap Scum in Your Shower

beautiful young mother washing her baby in the bath with foam (focus on the mother)The average American baths and showers everyday. Of course, if you are an athelete, work-out regularly, or have teen agers, this number can be even higher. Maintaining a clean shower can quickly become a struggle as one combats soap scum and mold. Soap scum can build up slowly around the soap disk, on your glass doors and tile through the “splash” cone. Just rub the back of your thumb nail over the wall and one can see the extent of the build-up. It often sneaks up and surprises people (unless they have a glass door which shows everything).

The good news is that MARBLELIFE developed a fast, easy solution, as our stone and tile restoration craftsman needed to first get through the layer of soap before they could address and restore the marble and grout surfaces beneath. As time is money in the service industry developing of soap scum removal solution that would not damage the surface but allowed one to power through the problem quickly was an early high priority. It resulted in MARBLELIFE’s SOAP SCUM REMOVER.

Engineered with an abrasive designed to be harder than soap but much softer than glass or tile, it literatlly crumbles on contact with the tile after cutting through the soap. You can literally feel the difference as the soap is removed and one returns to the smooth feel of a clean surface.

If you have ever tackled a bad soap scum situation you know the normal solution requires elbow grease, but with the right product and entire glass door with months of build-up can be done in less than 10 minutes. It’s so fast, many consumers tell us they feel like they are getting something accomplished, and are proud of the results, which are so apparent even the resident teen-ager is likely to notice the change.

Soap scum doesn’t need to be a struggle when you have the right product. For more info – read on.

What is Soap Scum?

Soap scum is the dull film created from a combination of soap and hard water that builds up on the surfaces of your shower and tub areas. On certain materials such as vinyl shower curtains, the buildup can result in a bio-film that can harbor pathogenic bacteria. Soap scum contributes to common bathroom odors and aids in protecting the growth of mold in showers. Most common cleaners will not successfully remove soap scum and those that can are likely, for use on your grout.

Other Pointers for Getting Your Clean Shower Back

Once the soap scum has been removed, you may still see hard water calcium spots. If this is the case, a little lemon juice or vinegar will remove these, but should ONLY be used on glass or tile, but never on marble or travertine. On marble or travertine, which are also made of calcium, the same acid would etch the surface, so one is better off using a razor blade to gentle remove the calcium build-up OR call a MARBLELIFE craftsman.

Mold is your other persistent pest. The removal of your soap scum removes some of the media the mold can affix and feed off, helping curb the problem, but getting rid of mold stains are a different animal again. Here, we recommend MARBLELIFE MOLD STAIN REMOVER which will quickly power through stains, but is also formulated to get into the nooks, crannies and pores within your stone and tile, to get down where the mold lives to address your root cause.

These three steps can get a problem bathroom or shower under control, or maintain the hard fought battle you have already one with minimal efforts.

Product Directions

The following is our recommended procedure for cleaning soap scum from tile & grout showers, tub areas, glass enclosures, metal frames and fixtures. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your results, please contact Marblelife Customer Care for free assistance in reaching your desired results.

Needed Supplies:

Step 1 – Scrub

Shake bottle, then apply Marblelife Tile Shower Soap Scum Remover to clean cloth or sponge and scrub surfaces affected by soap scum. As you scrub, you will feel the resistance from the soap scum lessen which means the soap scum is being removed. Repeat this procedure until the shower is completely clean and free from soap scum.

Step 2 – Rinse or Buff

After scrubbing the shower with Tile Shower Soap Scum Remover, use the cup, container or spray nozzle to rinse off the Soap Scum Remover with clean water. As an alternative option, allow the Soap Scum Remover to completely dry on the shower surface then buff off with clean cloth. In showers with sanded grout, water will be needed to rinse the Soap Scum Remover from the pores of the grout.

If for any reason to don’t see the desired results, contact Marblelife Customer Care for free assistance in reaching your desired results.

For more information or to hire a MARBLELIFE® Stone Care Professional visit For professional grade products go to
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