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A Better Way To Clean Your Marble And Travertine Floors

The use of a traditional mop and bucket is the primary factor in converting floor dirt to grout stains. Dirty floors and stained grout are not the same thing. Although they are often used interchangeably, one clearly proceeds the other, and how we approach it is the difference between eliminating the dirt or using it to stain your grout.

Ever walk into a restaurant and feel your feet sliding through the grease? Do you know what happened? They cleaned the kitchen floor before cleaning the restaurant transferring the grease in either an undamped mop bucket or the same mop head. Now they have doubled the original problem and are impacting their customers perception and whether they ever return. I can give you a list of restaurants which were banned after a greasy floor experience as a customer.

In addition to being a staining culprit, dirty mops also contribute to the spread of bacteria and viruses. Since mops that are not regularly cleaned, pick-up, harbor and transport bacteria and viruses to the rest of the property, kitchen on home.

It may sound unbelievable, but as a major restoration company, we do more janitorial training on the proper technique to mopping a floor and caring for one’s mop than anything else.

When attempting to clean with a mop you are pushing dirty mop water into the grout joints and into the floor. The grout joints, if unsealed, are very porous and allow dirty mop water to continue to deposit new dirt into the grout. Getting the dirt out is like trying to clean a test tube with a kitchen sponge. Good luck, try as yo might, you are never getting into the bottom of the test tube unless you redesign your cleaning process and tools.

A fantastic and healthier alternative for a cleaner floor is the use of MARBLELIFE® Marble & Travertine InterCare Cleaner and a microfiber towel.

We recommend microfiber towels because they perform better than pads. They are more economical and you can change them out more frequently. They have greater surface area so they can pick-up material more efficiently. But most importantly, they are easy to wash. If you have an old mop, you want several replacement heads that you can swap out after each use, and wash. This means you would have a clean, fresh, ready to use mop head available when you need it, and one in your washing machine. This is the fastest and easiest adjustment, and can have immediate and dramatic effects on floor safety, appearance and feel-under-foot.

Next use a product that can get into pores and has the cleaning technology to lift and emulsify oils to make them easier for your mop to pick up. Remember we are using a damp mop, not a wet mop, so that we pick up dirt just like we lift paper off a desk with a damp fingertip.

Cleaning your floor is simple, just spray the MARBLELIFE® Marble & Travertine InterCare Cleaner on the floor and mop it up with the microfiber towel or fresh clean mop head. After doing a reasonable sized area, turn the microfiber towel over to buff the area dry. If using a mop you will wring it out dry BEFORE putting it on the floor and AFTER rinsing the dirt off from your last pass. This will give you a clean, streak free shine. You will literally feel more confident in accomplishing something when working with clean equipment.

Move on to the next area and use the same side of the microfiber towel you just used to buff and dry the last area. Then swap out the towel to buff the recently cleaned area. Repeat these steps until the entire floor is clean.

If you have hard to remove spots in the grout, spray the MARBLELIFE® Marble & Travertine InterCare Cleaner directly on the spot, clean it with a toothbrush and then wipe it clean with the microfiber towel.

This entire process will keep your floors clean and healthy. If you discover your floor needs more than a simple cleaning, Marblelife is here to help. Call MARBLELIFE® at (888) 218-4616 or visit us online to secure your FREE SERVICE ESTIMATE at

When might you need to make a call? If you have used an acidic cleaner for years, your grout seal is likely compromise, and you will see evidence of stained grout. MARBLELIFE can fixed this. They will clean, and then apply a uniform colored seal to restore a uniform shade to your grout. When done your grout will look brand new, and will literally have better color consistency than your original grout. So don’t lose hope, there is always a path to a clean healthy floor.

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