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Protect Your Surfaces — and Your Bottom Line — With MARBLELIFE

Protect Your Surfaces

After nearly two years, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend nearly every industry in the world with new variants and economic uncertainties popping up with frustrating regularity. Employers across the globe ponder whether to maintain remote work, develop a hybrid workspace model, or bring employees back to the office completely. And there’s continual pressure on property managers to provide safe and attractive offices for tenants.


Adding to the difficulty are labor shortages, supply chain issues and inflationary pressures. So, how do you maintain rental income while keeping operating costs in check given that, even pre-pandemic, unexpected maintenance issues are always bound to crop up?


With more than 20 years of experience as a surface care provider, MARBLELIFE® is an industry leader and your reliable partner for managing maintenance costs while keeping your property in optimum condition to attract and keep tenants.


Save Time and Money by Doing it Right

Maintaining your property’s surfaces properly is an investment that can pay dividends for years into the future. Correct surface maintenance practices are an effective way to reduce costs, avoid unnecessary repairs and implement surface-care protocols that help keep your properties occupied.


According to a recent white paper from Building Owners and Managers Association International, repairs, maintenance and cleaning expenses comprise more than 25% of property managers’ total operating costs. From this perspective, the importance of performing these processes correctly and efficiently becomes crystal clear, as subpar work quality could easily drive up your building maintenance budget. In particular, if you require a major repair due to neglected or inappropriate surface upkeep, that could put a serious dent in overall expenses and cut into rental income profits.


The greatest problem in this area is confusion regarding the cleaning process and its impact on surface resistance to staining. As we clean, our products can cause unforeseen damage as we seek to touch every surface. Cleaning surfaces with acidic cleaners can remove or damage seals, turning porous substrates such as stone and grout into dirt sponges. The cleaning process can become the problem root cause.


What MARBLELIFE® Brings to the Table


Our 30+ years of floor restoration experience with an eye towards employing the scientific method to optimize cleaners and cleaning processes allows us to lend our expertise to quickly ascertain problems and correct them. Next, we apply our knowledge to assist property managers and their janitorial companies in formulating and adjusting those processes for greater efficiency and healthier outcomes.


Quality stone sealers. Stone and grout are generally porous and vulnerable to visible stains and discoloration. But MARBLELIFE® penetrating sealers enhance stain resistance and preserve the natural look and beauty of stone surfaces. They also prevent unnecessary and costly re-cleaning. By keeping dirt, oil and debris out of stone and grout pores where it is difficult to get to, we can make the cleaning process easier and faster.


VinylGUARD protective coating. A smart solution for commercial properties, VinylGUARD does not scuff or require periodic buffing. While vinyl is a reliable, durable and cost-effective flooring for public spaces, some wear and tear is inevitable. But VinylGUARD floor coatings protect vinyl floors and keeps them looking fresh and clean longer.


ColorSeal technology. Sanded and unsanded grout are both naturally porous. If you spill a coffee on unsealed white grout, it is instantly stained brown. For this reason, most grout develops a dingy look in less than a year. MARBLELIFE ColorSeal technology and application were developed expressly to address these situations. Formulated as an acid-resistant sealer with custom color options, it can restore a sealed uniform appearance that is so effective it will allow the use of acidic cleaners in the future without damage or staining. This halts the absorption of dirt and oils and allows janitorial staff to work more efficiently as everything that needs to be cleaned away is easily accessible above the surface being cleaned, creating a bright and lasting clean.


High-quality floormats. This one simple step helps prevent tracked in dirt and debris. Proper mats are proven to lengthen the life of your floors — but only if you choose the right ones. A spaghetti mat doesn’t just knock dirt and sand from the shoes that pass over, but it also allows that material to fall INTO the mat so it is unavailable to be tracked forward by the next set of feet the way it is with a traditional mat.


Anti-graffiti treatment. Appropriate for indoor and outdoor painted surfaces, MARBLELIFE® anti-graffiti treatments can withstand typical cleaning processes without damaging protective coatings. Designed to operate like a white board, paint and permanent pen assaults can be wiped away with ease. No reapplication of the coating is required afterwards, making it a permanent solution.


Your resource for helpful advice. Our surface care professionals can advise your regular cleaning crew on appropriate cleaning protocols to maintain your surfaces between your regular MARBLELIFE® service visits. With everyone operating from the same playbook, you’ll save time and get better results.


Partner with MARBLELIFE to Protect Your Bottom Line

Now more than ever, tenants expect safe and attractive properties that not only look clean, but actually are clean. A well-maintained property can help keep costs in line — and tenants in your buildings.


Contact MARBLELIFE® today for your free on-site commercial property consultation.

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