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How to Clean and Seal Your  Travertine Floors and Showers: Expert Guide and MARBLELIFE Recommendations 

Keeping your travertine floors and showers in top-notch condition is essential for their natural beauty and durability. The porous nature of travertine means it is particularly vulnerable to stains, damage, and wear and tear. This post delves into the essential maintenance aspects, guided by the expertise of MARBLELIFE, a renowned company specializing in natural stone services. For over 30 years, MARBLELIFE has provided stellar services to homes and commercial locations, offering efficient solutions for various stone issues.

Understanding Travertine

Travertine, a natural stone, possesses an elegant and timeless aesthetic. However, it has a porous nature, leading to a propensity for developing new voids over time. These voids can become a breeding ground for dirt, eventually tarnishing the stone's beauty. Understanding the nature of travertine and being aware of its associated common issues are the first steps toward effective maintenance.

Travertine Cleaning

Cleaning travertine requires specialized care owing to its unique nature. Regular household cleaners, particularly acid-based ones, can cause accidental stains and etches, making it crucial to use specially formulated cleaners. MARBLELIFE's travertine cleaning service offers professional-grade cleaning, ensuring your travertine surfaces are well cared for. Their specialized approach, designed for both filled and open travertine, provides a clean, polished, and aesthetically appealing surface.

Travertine Repair

Despite your best efforts, travertine can experience chips, etches, and light scratches. MARBLELIFE's restoration techniques ensure these imperfections are quickly addressed, restoring your travertine to its original state. Heavy scratches can be eradicated through honing and polishing, and chips can be color-matched with buff epoxy repair compounds. These repairs are seamlessly integrated, enhancing the overall appearance of your travertine.

Converting Your OPEN Travertine to a CLOSED Easier-to-Clean Travertine

In travertine, conversion refers to filling in its natural voids to create a smooth, easy-to-maintain surface. MARBLELIFE's Traverfil service can fill these holes with a repair compound that, once honed and polished, makes a clean, sleek surface. Converting your travertine enhances its cleanliness and reduces the required maintenance, providing a more practical solution without compromising beauty.

Recommended MARBLELIFE Products for Travertine Care

Travertine's distinct characteristics and sensitivities necessitate specialized care to preserve its beauty and durability. As a leader in stone and tile maintenance, MARBLELIFE offers products specifically formulated for travertine upkeep. Below are their top recommendations:

  • MARBLELIFE MaxOut Cleaner – Pre-Marblelife COLORSeal Service Cleaner: Designed to tackle the challenging issue of stained, dirty grout, this advanced cleaner excels in penetrating grout lines, breaking water tension, and flushing out dirt and staining oils. For optimal results, post-cleaning, seal your grout with a MARBLELIFE Sealer or opt for the MARBLELIFE COLORSeal application to prevent future surface dirt and oil accumulation.
  • MARBLELIFE COLORSeal: Ideal for those seeking a uniform, clean appearance for their grout while protecting against stains, MARBLELIFE COLORSeal offers dual benefits. It imparts a consistent color to your grout and forms a protective barrier against spills and stains. Superior to traditional sealers, it is not acid-sensitive, enhancing its suitability for high-risk areas like kitchens and bathrooms.
  • MARBLELIFE Tile & Grout Floor Cleaner: This product is perfect for the daily upkeep of travertine floors. Its gentle yet effective formula ensures a streak-free shine without leaving dulling oils or residue behind. Specifically engineered to clean without damaging the stone or grout, it avoids acidic or oil-based components that can harm marble surfaces.

These MARBLELIFE products form an integral part of a comprehensive travertine care regimen. Expertly crafted and rigorously tested, they guarantee the preservation of your travertine's aesthetic appeal without damaging the stone or grout. By incorporating these specialized solutions, you can effectively maintain the life and appearance of your travertine, enhancing the value and beauty of your home.

Proper Maintenance for Clean Travertine

MARBLELIFE emphasizes the importance of post-restoration care, suggesting daily cleaning with MARBLELIFE FLOOR CONCENTRATE CLEANER and avoiding scented, shine-enhancing, or acid-based cleaners. Regular maintenance with suitable products will ensure your travertine retains its charm and appeal while staying durable for years.


The importance of cleaning and sealing your travertine cannot be overstated. Maintaining its natural beauty and strength involves specialized care and attention. Engaging with the services of a renowned company like MARBLELIFE or using their specialized cleaning products can go a long way in ensuring the durability and appeal of your travertine floors and showers. Following the cleaning, repair, and maintenance methods detailed above, you can maintain your travertine in pristine condition, thus adding value to your home.

Remember, effective travertine care begins with understanding its unique nature and vulnerability to certain elements. Opt for specialized cleaning products that are non-acidic and designed to penetrate and clean without damaging the stone or its protective seal. Regular inspection for chips, scratches, and etches is crucial. Prompt attention to these issues will prevent further damage. If you feel overwhelmed with the process or need professional help, contact MARBLELIFE for Free Consultation.

Stay informed, and choose the right products to enjoy the timeless beauty of your travertine floor or shower.

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