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3 Tips to Help Commercial Property Managers Ride out a Recession


With elevated gas prices, rising inflation and persistent supply chain issues, it’s not surprising that recession is on everyone’s mind. The University of Michigan’s 2022 Surveys of Consumers show that consumer sentiment is at its lowest point since the mid-1970s — and consumer fear can drive a change in spending that results in a real impact on the economy. Here are three tips for commercial property managers and owners to help them ride out turbulent economic waters.


1. Save by Skipping Unnecessary Steps

Review the products you use regularly and consider what you could eliminate. Floor wax is a great example. Waxing and buffing is a time-consuming process requiring significant investments in product and equipment to keep floors looking their best. But entryways and hallways can still look dull and dingy because improper waxing is actually making the problem worse. After a visit from MARBLELIFE®, you won’t have to worry about constantly restocking expensive cleaning supplies because all your hard surfaces will be more cleanable and much easier to maintain. With VINYL Guard, you’ll never have to wax again.


2. Invest for Efficiency

When it comes to important tenant-retention services like building maintenance and repair, consider asking, “Where can I gain efficiency? If your crew is spending hours each day cleaning restrooms with little impact, you probably have a time- and money-saving opportunity.


That dingy, dirty restroom would take less effort to maintain after a service visit from your professional MARBLELIFE® technician. MARBLELIFE® Deep Extraction Cleaning can improve the overall look of your tile in one day by lifting dirt and grime from within the grout. Add a ColorSeal treatment to restore your grout to like-new condition and prevent the problem from repeating. After one visit from MARBLELIFE®, you can have tile surfaces that take your team minutes, not hours, to clean and maintain.


3. Amp up Amenities Affordably

Incentivize commercial tenants to renew their leases. Encourage them to stay put by affordably upgrading amenities. Easily and inexpensively transform boring concrete walkways into charming garden paths with an EnduraCrete concrete brick or flagstone overlay from MARBLELIFE®. EnduraCrete can mimic the look of natural stone on a concrete surface. Adding chairs, benches and a few potted plants can turn an unused exterior space into a relaxing retreat for tenants to enjoy.


Our EnduraCrete concrete stains can quickly and easily transform a dreary, utilitarian concrete floor into a focal point whether it’s in your entry, conference room or cafeteria. We can add dazzling color and pattern to your interior.  We can even give concrete the look of leather or marble.


Get Your Property Recession-resistant … with MARBLELIFE

Recessions come and go. But MARBLELIFE® will always be there to help you maintain your commercial property in top condition while saving you time and money. Call your local MARBLELIFE® professional today to schedule a free on-site consultation.



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