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If Tile Could Talk

If Tile Could Talk

Hey! Hey you up there! Look down here. It’s me — your tile. I know you think you can walk all over me, and you usually do, but a little consideration once in a while would be nice. If you drop stuff, bend over and pick it up, don't just kick it under the cabinet. And if you must trim your toenails, do it over the trash can, okay?

What I really wanted to talk to you about was how you take care of me — or don’t. I know I can be slippery and I'm always underfoot, but with just a little knowledge, you can actually cut the time you spend cleaning me and be proud of how I look. Don't you want that? I know I do.

Keep it Clean
I hate to tell you this … but you really need to learn how to mop. Seriously. You dump a bunch of water on me, swish it around and you think that's getting me clean? All you're really doing is moving the dirt around. Here’s the right way to do it: Just dampen the mop head, lightly move it around to pick up the dirt, and squeeze it out. When the water in the bucket gets hard to see through, it's time to change it. Then give me a final once over with clean water and a damp mop — that always feels great.

Acid Test
And some of those "cleaners" you use? Ouch, that stuff burns! You took chemistry in high school, right? You learned about acids and bases? You didn't? Well Google it. Acidic cleaners damage my grout. The grout's got on a raincoat, the sealer, that’s designed to keep water and dirt out. When my grout gets dirty, it's most likely because the sealer's been stripped by an acidic cleaner and now dirt — especially from that dirty, wet mop you've been flailing around — soaks right in. I know you love your natural cleaners, but the vinegar in it is an acid. So are some of those lemony-lime cleaners. Instead, try washing me with MARBLELIFE® Stone & Tile Cleaner. It's non-acidic, gentle, and will actually get me clean.

Wax Off — Only
Your obsession with "shine" is really getting me down and out. Just clean me. That's it. When you start putting on wax, all you're doing is turning me into a waxy, dirt magnet. The more you wax, the thicker that coating of dirt gets, so don't wax. And if the damage has already been done, give me a good scrub and remove all that waxy buildup so my natural beauty can shine through. Or call MARBLELIFE® and let them do it. It’s a spa day for floors when they come.

And Please … No Rough Stuff
I cringe every time I see you walking toward me with that stiff, wire brush. I may be hard, but I’m not indestructible you know. I can get permanently scratched and you can scrape the sealer right off my grout. Just use MARBLELIFE® Tile & Grout Cleaner, scrub with a soft bristle brush (soft like a toothbrush) and wipe clean — that’s all there is to it!

Don’t It Make My Brown Lines Blue?
Now that we're talking, would it possible for me to get a makeover? I haven't changed my look in years. I'm thinking maybe blonde this time — or blue. The crew at MARBLELIFE® can do a COLORSeal treatment on me. Did you know they can change my grout to one of 270 custom colors? And if I get tired of my new look, they can change it right back in one day without replacing my grout. You can read all about COLORSeal here.

And If I'm ever looking less than my beautiful best, just call my friends over at MARBLELIFE®. Take it from me, they know how to treat tile right. And if you don’t treat me right, remember that I’ve seen you naked in the shower. And I’m on Twitter. But I’m sure it won’t come to that — just tell the MARBLELIFE® crew I sent you.



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