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Check out the reflectivity and clarity on this floor. One may be hard pressed to believe that less than 8 hours ago, it was a traffic worn, etch covered cause of tears for a well-intended home owner. The simple and unavoidable grinding of dust, dirt and hair underfoot, or the spills of such common household items as soda, coffee, tea, salad dressing will leave a permanent history etched into the floor. Accidentally dissolving the calcium carbonate marble floor surface makes it impossible for normal cleaners to remove the damage.


So which was safer? Worn matte or gloss finish.


Believe it or not, both are just as safe. While the material surface and finish can contribute to slip, the floor is going to require water, oil or dust, that is not affixed to the floor to allow your feet to slip.


Consider this, if a glossy surface is slippery and a rough surface is not slippery, how is it that a car can hydroplane across a rough asphalt road? The presence of water as a slip agent to fill in surface imperfections and to provide a movable layer is necessary to separate the car from the road. This is the case with any floor, making housekeeping an important factor, but also defraying cause for concern from having an attractive beautiful gloss finish on your floor.


So restore your floor. Let it shine. It may LOOK wet but as long as it is not wet it’s no more likely to cause a slip and fall than your worn floor was.


A well trained experience stone restoration craftsman will be needed to properly and evenly restore the surface to its natural beauty without applying a coating or treatment. That’s important because a coating or dressing can indeed create a glossy surface. Dressings for counter-tops may be pretty but unsafe on a floor. A properly restored floor needs nothing applied to maintain its gloss finish.


That said HOW YOU CLEAN for floor CAN impact floor safety.


HOW you maintain your glossy floor is an important safety consideration. In a recent study looking at various claims of anti-slip floor treatments, it was surprising for many to learn that the cleaner used to clean the surface in order to properly measure the slip resistance of the surface (versus impurities, dust or debris on the surface) had a bigger impact on the outcome than the products being tested.


How could that be?


Considering that the biggest and most controllable variable in floor safety is not the floor but what is left ON the floor. Dirt, oils, and waxes can all contribute to alter the surface you are actually walking on, and its safety. Of course floor type or floor coating can make an impact, but often the problem has a more simple answer – look at your cleaning. Floors can be tested with a static OR dynamic coefficient of friction measuring device to assess how easy it is to slip on the floor (though more and more support is developing for dynamic testing over static methods).


The removal of residual oils from the surface which serve to trap dirt, are also potential slip contributors. A squeaky clean floor can be clean but also safer. This requires use of a surfactant based oil emulsifying cleaner. There is a difference between products here as well. Some cleaners push oil to the side of a sink of dirty dishes using surfactants sitting on the water’s surface, and other cleaner surfactants surround the oil to such a degree it cannot see the water itself and can therefore remain soluble in the water as it is effortlessly wiped away. Clean and oil-free for a safer cleaner floor.


Don’t think this is a contributor? Do you remember being a teenager and struggling with oily skin? Those oils are transferred via hands and bare feet, and after work-out, sweat to all surfaces. These oils coupled with kitchen cooking oils, create slip conditions. They also trap dust that is free to roll underfoot separating you from the floor. Water-based cleaners or solvent based cleaners often do not remove these oils. A surfactant based product does this much more effectively.


MARBLELIFE’s line of cleaners for MARBLE & TRAVERTINE, TILE & GROUT and GRANITE & QUARTZ are designed with this in mind. Get the oils up for a healthier, safer and cleaner floor.


So go ahead restore your floor, or simply improve your home’s safety by doing something simple – switch to a more effective floor and counter cleaner.


So…after we completed this project you can see the results are amazing. WOW! Look at the clarity and the detail in the reflection. The images are so crisp and clear. This floor is now the envy of the neighborhood. Oh, one more thing about this photo. That floor is “DRY”! That’s right, DRY! It looks wet and it will for a long time.


Just as amazing is that it can be maintained in a clean, safe, manner using MARBLELIFE’s line of cleaners for MARBLE & TRAVERTINE, TILE & GROUT and GRANITE & QUARTZ.


MARBLELIFE® has been the trusted name in service for over 20 years. Whether you are seeking marble polishing, granite sealing, or simply grout cleaning & restoration MARBLELIFE® delivers exceptional results. MARBLELIFE® works hard to present you with a professional and pleasant service experience in every job we do.


With Marblelife’s “No More Restoration Guarantee”, is why more and more property managers are turning to MARBLELIFE®. We have restoration and maintenance programs that will improve your building appearance, reduce your overall cost, and guarantee “no more restorations”, expensive or otherwise. Others may say that’s not possible, but MARBLELIFE has been doing so for more than 20 years.


Call MARBLELIFE at (888) 524-3372 or visit us online to secure your FREE ESTIMATE at or to to secure the care products appropriate to your surface, and your desire for an easy effective cleaning solution.


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