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Easy-Breezy Outdoor Cleanup

Easy-Breezy Outdoor Cleanup

It's summertime, and while the living may be easy, cleaning and maintaining your outdoor spaces is not. Extra foot traffic, food spills, grilling, rain and heat can make keeping up your patio and walkways an unwelcome challenge when you’d rather be lounging by the pool.

Clean Sweep
Leaves drift in from the trees, grass clippings, berries and acorns blow in from the yard, weeds creep out of crevices — all kinds of organic matter end up on your pool deck or patio. If it stays there long enough, it'll decompose and stain your surfaces. Make it a habit to sweep off those uninvited guests before they can leave their mark.

Break the Mold — and Mildew
Especially in hot, rainy weather, keeping these bad actors at bay can be a full-time job. Mold and mildew just love to burrow into porous stone, concrete, and brick — in other words, most of your outdoor surfaces. There is a solution: MARBLELIFE Mold & Mildew Stain Remover gets rid of these messes quickly and with minimal effort. Your patio can go from gross to gorgeous in no time.

Seal of Approval
Since organic stains, mold and mildew like to infiltrate porous materials, one way to protect your outdoor surfaces is to properly seal them. First, thoroughly clean out existing mold, mildew, dirt and debris. Then apply a sealer. Unfortunately, rainwater can be acidic and can breakdown your sealer over time, so you may need to reapply once every other year or so. Stains and very large outdoor areas can make sealing a challenging task for many homeowners. But no problem: A call to your local MARBLELIFE pro is all it takes to start getting outdoor spaces staycation ready.

The Acid Test
If acidic rain breaks down some sealers, what do you think acidic cleaning solutions do? Right. Using an acidic cleaner can damage your carefully applied sealer. To make sure that doesn't happen, use MARBLELIFE Floor Cleaner Concentrate to get rid of grease without the damaging effects of acidic cleaners. It also works indoors and in your garage just as well.

Grease Pit
For many of us, the grill is the star of our backyard — the most important reason for an outdoor space to begin with. It's also one of the biggest contributors to dirtying up the place. Grills inevitably generate grease, and dirt is attracted to grease like a dog to a dropped burger. If you seal your surfaces, you're ahead of the game, because when the occasional burger does hit the deck, or your grill's grease cup runneth over, the sealer can buy you enough time to get out the MARBLELIFE Intercare Floor Cleaner. This degreaser and cleaner can wipe out the grime before it sets into a stubborn stain.

You're going to feel great hosting family and friends on your clean and protected patio. To get the products you need, or if you have questions about any of your outdoor surfaces, contact your local MARBLELIFE office, and a knowledgeable technician will be happy to assist you. You’ll find all of the products you need at Now go fire up the grill — and just in case you were wondering, we like our burgers medium-well with extra cheese.



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