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The Importance of Cleaning New Grout

The Importance of Cleaning New Grout

Cleaning your new grout on a tile project is a critical part of keeping your tile looking good. Cleaning it in a timely manner is of most importance. The amount of time you have to do this depends on the type of tile job you have had performed. We will discuss the different styles and times in the following paragraphs. If you have had your tile professionally installed then the initial clean up should be done by the installer. If you have done the installation by yourself then the following information will help assist you to have a better looking tile and grout with a lasting effect. It is very important that excessive grout be removed before it has the chance to dry. The recommended time for cement grout is 24 hours and only one hour for epoxy grouts.


Cement grout


If excessive grout has been left after 24 hours then follow these steps. Remove any large chunks of grout with a razor blade or scraper. Be very cautious not to scratch the tile surface in which you have just installed. Dust mop or sweep the area. Rinse the area several times with clean water on a string mop, wringing it out consistently. Take special caution to not over flood the area as flooding may cause grout discoloration. If there is still excess residue you will need to use grout removing chemicals.


Epoxy grout


Epoxy grouts have excellent chemical resistant qualities and are highly recommended for bathroom and kitchen tile jobs. One of the biggest problems with epoxy grout is that it sometimes does not get cleaned up in a timely manner. Epoxy grout residue must be cleaned up within one hour of the original installation. If epoxy grout residue remains after this time period then use the following guidelines to help clean up the mess. First, wet the area and scrape any large chunks of grout from the area. Mix hot water and a few drops of dish detergent and apply to the excessive epoxy and scrub with a clean scrub pad. If this does not remove the excessive epoxy then you will need to apply acetone with a clean white rag. If this still does not work, then you will need to use a solvent made with methylene chloride. Be cautious when using this type of solvent and use proper ventilation.


Remember, tile is beautiful and easy to keep clean. Use the proper techniques during and after installation and you should have a long lasting tile floor, wall or surface.


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