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MARBLELIFE Can Repair and Restore Your Granite

MARBLELIFE Can Repair and Restore Your Granite

Are you a discriminating homeowner who wants all your home repairs done the right way? Does your once-pristine granite have chips, breaks, cracks or an uneven seam? MARBLELIFE® stone care professionals can properly assess, repair and restore the damage to your surface whether it’s your countertop, floor, backsplash or hearth.

My Granite Used to Look Great — What Happened?
Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock composed largely of quartz and feldspar. Interior designers and homeowners alike consider granite to be a premium countertop material that adds beauty and resale value to the home. And while it has the reputation of being one of the hardest of stones second to diamonds, it can suffer damage and degradation due to improper care.

The gradual loss of a granite countertop’s shine can happen is very unlikely due to wear. Dullness is usually due to a gradual build-up of deposits from inappropriate cleaners, gloss enhancers, oils or waxes. MARBLELIFE® can rid your granite counter of these deposits and restore it to a cleanable surface with our effective granite-cleaning treatments and techniques. Your granite’s natural unaided shine simply needs to be released. Once cleaned and restored, we will also seal your countertop — yes, granite counters require periodic sealing — to keep it pristine and protected. Sealing is like insurance for your granite. It costs a mere fraction of the cost to replace your granite, yet it is the most overlooked need your granite has. Not every stain can be removed.

Do You Believe These Granite Care Myths?
If your once-sparkling granite countertop is now lackluster, it could be because you believe one of these common granite care myths:

MYTH: You should wash granite surfaces regularly with a mild or gentle dish soap.
TRUTH: Soap tends to leave soap streaks and residue behind. Waxes can build up, and oils designed to care for skin can stain granite.

MYTH: Cleaning granite with just water is best.
TRUTH: Tap water contains minerals or contaminants that can settle out and build up over time. This is why MARBLELIFE® cleaners use purified water to avoid dissolved solid contamination. We joke that our cleaners are so effective that the first thing they clean is themselves. If we made them with tap water, they would immediately remove the impurities in the water.

MYTH: Granite is really strong, so I can stand on my countertop.
TRUTH: While granite is indeed quite strong, this is a good way to crack your countertop. It is not recommended that you ever stand on a granite counter, particularly along an unsupported edge.

What types of Granite Repairs Can MARBLELIFE Perform?
Damage to a granite countertop is difficult to ignore when you use that surface every day. It stares back at you and frustrates you, and we know you just want the problem gone.

Damaged surfaces can have many causes: standing weight, dropped objects, home settling or improper installation or sealing. A granite fissure repair is not a DIY job — your repair will benefit from the expertise and experience of a professional. MARBLELIFE’s detail-oriented craftsmen can remediate this frustrating damage so it blends naturally with your existing countertop or floor. MARBLELIFE® can: relevel uneven seams; mend fractures and gaps; and remove stains, streaks and dull spots. We fix chips and cracks using a repair compound formulated to match the color and finish of your stone.

A MARBLELIFE® restoration is less expensive, messy and time consuming than a full countertop replacement. Trust your granite to our stone care specialists — and our products for your regular maintenance. Over the past 30 years, we have earned generations of clients’ trust with solutions designed not to just mask a problem but to correct it. We not only make the best products in this space, but we also use them daily by our craftsmen throughout North America because they are the easiest, fastest and safest way for us to accomplish our cleaning, restoration and maintenance services. Contact your local MARBLELIFE® granite restoration specialist for your complimentary in-home estimate today.



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