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Get Your Outdoor Patio in Shape for Father’s Day

Get Your Outdoor Patio in Shape for Father’s Day

It’s that time of year again: Time to give a special shoutout to all the Dads out there. While we think every day should be Father’s Day, we’d like to take a minute to celebrate all Dads, whether this year, they’ve been a stay-at-home Dad, a work-from-home Dad, or a work-at-work Dad.

This is been an unusual time for everyone — Dads included. Lots of Dads are pitching in with Zoom schooling, picking up takeout dinners and entertaining the kids at home. There’s nothing most Dads love more than a great backyard barbecue, so we thought we’d share an example of a beautiful outdoor space and give you some ideas for how to spruce up your Father’s Day outdoor celebration.

This loggia features a full summer kitchen complete with a built-in stainless steel grill and plenty of counterspace for prepping ribs and burgers. A rustic, teak dining table provides plenty of seating for entertaining friends and family. And a high-beamed ceiling with outdoor fans keeps things cool once the grill heats up.

But what really makes the space special is the natural stone floor. It’s rustic, rugged charm gives the patio character, but also presents some maintenance challenges. Being sheltered from direct sun, it can more easily accumulate mold and mildew — and even stone can stain if you spill enough barbecue sauce on it.

The good news is that MARBLELIFE® can take care of both of these problems in a jiffy. And we can seal your stone to give it extra protection. If you have a tired, cracked or stained concrete patio, ask MARBLELIFE® to give it the look of flagstone with an EnduraCrete concrete overlay. You’ll have the look of natural stone with much easier maintenance at a fraction of the price.

Just add some cool, rustic furniture — teak is a great choice because it weathers to a beautiful silver gray and is naturally somewhat weather resistant. If you don’t have an enclosed space like this one, then you can set up a freestanding oversized umbrella or sunshade for a cool spot to chillax in the shade.

And while a built-in grill may not be in your budget, there are beautiful, affordable stainless steel models available at almost every price point. And even without the outdoor TV, you can still stream Dad’s favorite action flick on your iPad from a lounge chair.

Why not spruce up your outdoor space in time for Father’s Day as a special treat for Dad. Then head to the grocery store, pick up some burgers and get ready to chill and grill. MARBLELIFE® can help get the party off to a great start. Call today for complimentary on-site consultation. We have extra COVID-19 safety protocols in place.

Oh, and by the way — we like our burgers medium well with extra cheese in case you were wondering.



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