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Family Friendly Floors During COVID-19 (No More 5-Second Rule)

Family Friendly Floors During COVID-19 (No More 5-Second Rule)

We now know that the novel coronavirus can live for many days on non-porous surfaces. Based on what we know about viruses, the pores of your unsealed floor grout, cement driveways and sidewalks are prime territory for viruses and molds to hide and evade your best cleaning and disinfecting efforts.

Architects will tell you that newly installed grout can appear noticeably stained within six months even when “sealed.” After studying the problem, MARBLELIFE® determined that penetrating sealers are designed not to change the surface color or finish during application, therefore providing no visual clue to the diligent installer as to whether sufficient material has been deposited to properly seal pores versus simply getting the surface damp.

Many penetrating sealers employ a silicone-based chemistry that’s acid sensitive, so when later cleaned with “green” vinegar or an acidic tile cleaner — while not damaging ceramic or porcelain tile — it can destroy the seal of the grout, granite or marble surface, opening it up for penetration — also referred to as staining. We see this in the form of discoloration that many people refer to as “dirty.” Unfortunately, while a cleaner can remove “dirt,” it cannot remove “dirty” when the cause is due to staining. Now you begin to understand why stains can be so frustrating.

The cleanliness — and cleanability — of floors may be even more important during the pandemic because research has shown that the novel coronavirus can travel on shoes and spread by foot traffic across floors. WebMD cites a CDC study: “The study team tested air and surface samples at Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, China, to detect the distribution of the coronavirus that causes the disease known as COVID-19. They found that the contamination was on floors, computer mice, trash cans, sickbed handrails and doorknobs…” This makes effective floor cleaners a plus. Effective means an oil emulsifying cleaner such as MARBLELIFE FLOOR CLEANER CONCENTRATE capable of lifting oils and fats from the floor — the very same material that makes up the outer coating of a typical virus like Covid-19.

While it’s unclear what the risks for contagion are outside of a hospital setting, those who want to take maximum precaution to protect themselves during the crisis may want to consider having all family members remove their shoes before entering the house and regularly cleaning and disinfecting floors when possible.

However, it may prove difficult to effectively clean and disinfect an unsealed floor as mentioned above. MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL was developed using a non-acid sensitive sealer coupled with the ability to colorize the sealer so that applicators can tell when the surface has absorbed the seal and when it requires additional material. Once COLORSEALED, the surface has been protected from acid cleaners. And dirt, bacteria and viruses now remain on top where they can be attacked by UV, cleaner or disinfectant for a healthier surface.

MARBLELIFE continues to serve homes and businesses during the pandemic. We’ve implemented new cleaning and safety protocols that include social distancing measures whenever we service properties. We can clean and seal your floors to make your cleaning and disinfecting efforts more effective. Call one of our knowledgeable professionals today to set up your in-home appointment.




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