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The Garage — Reimagined by MARBLELIFE

The Garage — Reimagined by MARBLELIFE

Did you know that some people actually have an extra, usable room in their house that they’ve completely forgotten about? It’s usually dirty, cluttered and utterly uninviting. If your garage is a mere afterthought — reduced to a neglected pass-through space between your car and the mudroom — that person might be you!

Many garages have evolved — or should we say devolved — into little more than dingy storage areas filled with holiday decorations, sports equipment, old paint and lawn supplies. But if you could use more space — for a workshop, hobby room, garage band studio or hangout — MARBLELIFE’s EnduraCrete finishes can transform your garage into a practical, useable and beautiful living area that you won’t be tempted to just “pass through” anymore.

Reclaim your garage as an arts and crafts room for quarantine projects or a place where your teen can practice the clarinet without disturbing her little brother while he’s in a Zoom class. With more families living, working and schooling in close quarters, your garage could be the flex space you really need right now. But what about that nasty, oil-stained garage floor?

Concrete is one of the fastest growing flooring materials in America because of its low maintenance costs and the fact that it eliminates the chemicals, odors and allergens that can hide in carpet and underlayment. But concrete floors can also crack, chip and stain. And that’s not an easy repair job for a DIY homeowner to undertake.

Fortunately, the pros at MARBLELIFE® can create a gorgeous EnduraCrete surface that’s more slip resistant and a breeze to clean. We can fix those unsightly cracks, chips and stains and leave a showroom-quality floor in its place. You won’t believe just how amazing your old garage floor can look when we’re done.

Concrete Reimagined
MARBLELIFE® can color, polish, seal and reimagine your concrete surface to reflect your home’s unique style. We offer a range of 150 color choices in our high-quality custom finishes, designed for long-lasting durability. Our craftsmen boring concrete look like high-end marble.

The days of dull concrete floors are over. Transform yours with vibrant colors and designs at an affordable price. A polished surface can visually brighten a space by reflecting more light through it. EnduraCrete will give your concrete floor warmth and character — and our finishes can be applied in virtually any commercial or residential setting.

Why stop at reimagining the garage? MARBLELIFE EnduraCrete can revitalize your old concrete patio too. The return of warmer weather means a return to more outdoor living and entertaining. We can add beauty and increased slip resistance to your indoor and outdoor spaces. And we have extra COVID-19 safety protocols in place for all our in-home services.

Watch the video above to get inspired about how MARBLELIFE EnduraCrete can help give you more beautiful, usable space in your home. Give your local MARBLELIFE® a call for your free estimate or visit us online for more information.



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