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A Modern Marble Bath

A Modern Marble Bath

This gorgeous bath showcases a pleasing mix of modern and traditional elements. We love how classic marble envelops the entire space from floor to ceiling, creating a strong design foundation for everything to follow. The color story is restrained, comprised only of black, white, gray and gold.

The black and gray herringbone tile accent wall provides a dramatic backdrop for a round, oversized mirror in an elegant, brushed gold finish. A handsome console is positioned beneath it — the perfect place to display toiletries and a few carefully curated decorative objects. And the lower shelf offers a convenient location to store a decadent pile of fluffy, white towels.

A free-standing tub in charcoal gray is silhouetted against a marble wall, while the three understated industrial pendants create a moody ambiance for relaxing nighttime bubble baths.

This bath is the perfect example of how a few bold, definite pieces in combination with a monochromatic color scheme can make for a show-stopping style statement. And even if you only have a marble floor, you can emulate this look with creamy-white paint in a satin finish, a charcoal semi-gloss accent wall and brushed gold accessories from your local home center. Just stick with pieces with good scale and spare lines, modern lighting and absolutely no clutter.

With a minimal design like this, there’s no place for dirt to hide. You need all your surfaces to be spectacularly clean to pull it off. You can trust MARBLELIFE® to safely care for all your marble and tile. We can bring your grout back to white and seal it to resist future stains. And if you want to go the DIY route, our proprietary cleaners were formulated in our own labs based on 30 years of in-the-field, real world service and can remove even stubborn dirt, grime, mold and mildew from marble surfaces. You can purchase them online. The only thing it can’t do is remove an etch, a mark caused by acid dissolving away the stone. But that is why MARBLELIFE® services exist — to restore the beauty and elegance of your space, even when a mishap occurs.

If you have more serious problems, such as a crack or chip — our experienced technicians can often repair the damage and restore that uninterrupted beautiful design.

You put a lot of effort into making your home a beautiful expression of your personal taste. Doesn’t it deserve to be maintained with just as much care? Hotels, retailers, commercial building owners, and homeowners across the country trust us to take care of their stone and tile surfaces — and you can too. MARBLELIFE® delivers national expertise locally where you need it, through our network of over 50 offices.

Experience the difference of “MARBLELIFE clean.” We can make your surfaces better than new with treatments and sealers that keep them looking great longer — and make them quicker and easier to clean in the future.

Call us today to schedule a free in-home consultation. We have extra safety protocols in place during the pandemic and can give you an estimate based on photographs and measurements you provide.

Don’t let dirty or damaged tile and stone detract from the beauty of your home. Call MARBLELIFE® today.



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