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How to care for your marble floors

How to care for your marble floors

Marble floors are breathtaking, and can add a lot of value to a person’s home. However, marble floors can be difficult to maintain if one doesn’t fully understand the complexities of the stone. Marble floors are extremely durable and can be placed all throughout the house, yet most often they are found in kitchens and bathrooms. They are comprised of calcium carbonate and calcite and are susceptible to wear, scratches and liquid stains that can result in dulling of the surface over time. Marble restoration professionals can save your floor through restoration but at a much higher cost, than routine care and polishing. The best way to keep marble floors clean and pristine is to polish them often. Daily cleanings and periodic polishing are the best way to keep your floors clean and looking their best.


The first step in marble cleaning is to sweep or vacuum the marble tile often; daily is best. Dirt and dust can damage marble and scratch its surface when ground underfoot. Next, marble floors should be washed with either industrial marble cleaner or with a mixture of hot water and dishwashing soap. Be sure that the cleaner is non-acidic, because acidic cleaners can break down the surface of marble. Once the marble has been cleaned with soap and water or preferably with a surfactant based cleaner capable of breaking water tension and allowing water to penetrate and flush pores, rinse off the cleaner and dry the flooring with a soft cloth. If the water is allowed to air dry, water spots may be left on the marble floor. Finally, apply marble polish to the stone in order to leave the marble clean and shiny. Marble polishing is essential to keep marble floors looking great. The polish will protect the floors and keep them durable.


If cleaning and caring for marble floors seems like a big deal, then consider hiring a professional. True professional stone floor cleaners can not only help you care for your marble floor, but can also help with marble repairs if needed. A professional company can even set up meetings to visit your house on a weekly or monthly basis. If you would like to clean your marble floors yourself, it wouldn’t hurt to set up a professional polishing once every year to six months. Think of it like a dental check-up. A thorough cleaning to remove build-up and tartar, a check to insure the floor is safe and sound, the ability to polish properly, and the ability to repair any chips, cracks or cavities. The professional uses industrial cleaners and polishers to restore and repair your floor to its natural beauty. To see if there is a marble cleaning service near you, a quick internet search or call the place where you bought the marble flooring.


If you don’t take care of your floors, then they can easily become scratched and begin to look dull. Repairing marble floors can become expensive, so take care of them and you won’t have to pay to repair or replace them anytime soon. Take care of them, and they will give you a quality reflection mirroring the pride and care you take in your home for many years to come.


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