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Your first thought is “OH NO I AM GOING TO HAVE TO REPLACE IT?” Its chipped or cracked and looks terrible. The good news is we can repair this insitu for substantially less than replacement, and maintain your consistent appearance. What many do not realize is that when working with natural stone such as marble, granite, travertine or limestone even if you get a tile from the same quarry, its color will be different enough that when installed you will recognize mismatched tile. (In fact, if you visit an old hotel you can see this effect on their floors). MARBLELIFE has mastered the art of insitu repairs.

We will clean out the damaged material, colormatch a repair to the stone’s color or to a vien, overfill, allow the resin to set, hone it flat, and repolish the stone. Presto, no more crack. You MAY know where it is when you are done, but your guests will never notice it unless you point it out.

Have terrazzo? We can repair that to. This can involve sourcing similar color and size chips, blending appropriated, filling, honing and polishing, or if only a missing stone or minor crack a colormatch process as described by marble. The difference to the floorappearance is simply amazing.

Stop fretting, and call MARBLELIFE, we will make you look good…again!

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