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Your stone is cracked? What now?

Your stone is cracked? What now?

Chances are – if you’re anything like us – finding a crack in your floor, table, counter, or slab is the last thing you want to see or begin to deal with. If you’ve done the mental math and understand how much it cost you to have the natural stone installed in the first place, then seeing it damaged can be shocking. But before you give up, give MARBLELIFE a call. More often than not MARBLELIFE can perform an insitu repair to restore its appearance and avoid a costly replacement.

Types of cracks

These types of cracks can occur during the surface install, or from improperly using the surface. They are small superficial cracks that can’t be seen or felt easily. Because there’s no lip, gap, or separation of the stone, these types of cracks appear as a subtle line. If big enough to see, they are typically big enough to repair and blend away. Separated.

Unlike the above cracks, these ones have a visible gap, separation of the stone, and potentially even missing islands or stone. Common causes include a “shifting foundation,” or an installation without sufficient mortar behind the tile such that the stone can flex under weight lacking support to transition weight above to the subfloor. The good news is that these larger cracks are easier to repair and MARBLELIFE can not just effect the repair but blend the repair so you have really look to potentially even find the repair.


These are most common with stones such as travertine, where a gas bubble trapped in the stone during its formation eons ago, has found itself just below the surface when the stone was cut into slab or tile. The weak top of the bubble can be ruptured under a high heel impact opening the stone to reveal its bubble. Whether a single incident or numerous MARBLELIFE has techniques to fill, seal and re-polish these surfaces to eliminate the holes and restore an easy-to-clean beautiful appearance.

Fill ‘em or Fix’em

If you have ever seen a poor patch job you understand there is a clear difference from a cement patch designed to avoid a trip hazard and a repair by an accomplished craftsman that eliminates the problem without creating an eyesore. Instead the repair is filled, honed flat and polished in a manner that blends the repair with the rest of the floor. If you have a surface that has been patched, you are a call away from having this spot-of-ugliness removed and repaired appropriately by a trained craftsman.

Should you DIY?

It’s always best to call the professionals to avoid further damaging your stone. Especially if the repair is a larger job or a more severe case. If not done properly, the cost to bring in a trained craftsman will increase as they now have to remove the patch and re-prep the damaged area before commencing the repair. Don’t let an eyesore frustrate you any longer. With a quick call you can restore the beauty of your floor, counter or hard surface.

For any other questions regarding the restoration and repair of your natural stone surfaces, call your local MARBLELIFE office and a knowledgeable stone craftsman will be happy to assist you.


Call MARBLELIFE at (888) 524-3372 or visit us online to secure your FREE ESTIMATE at or to to secure the care products appropriate to your surface, and your desire for an easy effective cleaning solution.


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