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Keeping Your Showers and Tub Surrounds Sparkling!

Keeping Your Showers and Tub Surrounds Sparkling!

If you’re sick and tired of your dirty shower area, Marblelife can help! You don’t have to re-tile or replace a thing. It’s all in the products you choose. Whether you do it yourself or let one of our trained Marblelife Service Professionals do the job for you, you’ll have stunning results.


The first thing to understand is avoid using any type of acid-containing cleaners on your surfaces. These types of cleaners can cause the color of your grout to fade and can actually cause your grout to chip and crumble. Using a cleaner especially made for grout is important. We recommend Marblelife’s InterCare Cleaner to clean both tile and grout of all types. It is easy to use. Just spray it on and wipe it off! You will be amazed at the mirror-like shine you will achieve. It is recommended for all man-made tiles including Mexican tile, porcelain, ceramic tile, and sanded and non-sanded grout.


Preparing the surface to be cleaned is fairly straight forward. Repair any grout that has chipped or crumbled. Remove stains and heavily soiled areas. Clean the grout and tile with Marblelife InterCare Cleaner. For excessively dirty grout, use Marblelife’s MaxOut. Use a soft bristle brush to wipe away the dirt. You can use a wallpaper brush and a toothbrush for tight spots. When finished, make sure you have removed all remaining MaxOut from the grout and then seal the grout with Marblelife Grout Sealer. This will keep the grout looking clean and fresh longer. It is recommended to seal your grout once a year. Of course, if you don’t have the time to do the job yourself, contact a Marblelife dealer and have a trained, Marblelife Service Professional do the job for you.


Cleaning your tile and grout regularly can help to keep the surface looking brand new. How often depends on where the tile and grout are located – indoors, outdoors, in a shower, in a high-traffic area or in an area that gets minimal use. Clean the surfaces daily to weekly. Make repairs as soon as damage has been noticed. As mentioned, sealing can be done once yearly.


Got Mold?


Most people are not aware that household cleaning products bought at your local grocery store just cleans the surface dirt, but the mold and mildew continue to grow deep inside the grout. These household products are also acidic and can damage your surfaces including the metal in your shower areas. You need a product that actually destroys the hidden mold, mildew and the spores which thrive in dark, moist, and warm atmospheres deep within the grout. Household cleaners only clean the surface which explains why, after you have cleaned an area, the mold seems to re-appear within a couple of days. These cleaners should not be used on porous surfaces, and it usually states so on the label. Marblelife products are made to safely deep clean the grout by killing all of the mold and mildew above and beneath the surface.


Marblelife Tile Shower Mild & Mildew Stain Remover penetrates the grout but does not damage the grout and it is safe and will not harm the environment. Our products are also made in America.


Marblelife Tile Shower Mild & Mildew Stain Remover is 8 times more effective than bleach, but has a less offensive, lighter smell than bleach. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with this product and its performance, you will receive a complete refund. This product can be used as a spray, soak and rinse product or as a spray, scrub and rinse product for heavier mold. You will find no other product that is as safe and effective as Marblelife Tile Shower Mild & Mildew Stain Remover. This product can be used in the routine cleaning of mold on marble, travertine, and slate showers and for heavy or light cleaning.


Whether you want to do it yourself or have a certified Marblelife Professional do the job for you, Marblelife has the solution… Helping Make Your Life Easier!


Call Marblelife today!

Call MARBLELIFE at (888) 524-3372 or visit us online to secure your FREE ESTIMATE at or to to secure the care products appropriate to your surface, and your desire for an easy effective cleaning solution.


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