Many products today that claim to be safe for use on natural stone and grout truly are not.  Natural stone such as granite, quartz, marble, travertine, slate and alike, including grout & concrete are resilient surfaces, but can be damaged by acids, and other chemicals contained in popular cleaners, which are also not good for you the one using it.

Marblelife is committed to providing the highest quality and effective products available that are safe for all of the sensitive surfaces in your home.  We have designed our products so that should you not be certain of the surface you are working with and use the wrong product on the wrong surface, you will not cause harm.

Marblelife products are designed in such a way, and tested in thousands of surfaces and environments, so that they have been proven not possible for them to harm you natural stone or grout surfaces.  Your piece of mind is of high value to Marblelife.

Beyond the damage that a wrong product can do to your stone surface is the damage that is caused by what they don’t do.  For example, when a product does not remove the oils and residues, what’s left behind can actually darken and stain your stone or grout.

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