The following is the official daily cleaning procedure as recommended by Marblelife, the world’s leading professionals who repair, restore and maintain natural stone.  Before beginning to care for your natural stone, tile or grout surface, please visit the Common Mistakes with Marble and the Protecting Your Marble, Travertine & Terrazzo sections to help you avoid the all too common mistakes that result you calling for repair help.

Step 1 – Wipe with wet dishcloth, as needed throughout the day.

 Simple spills and crumbs can be easily and quickly wiped with water and a dishcloth or paper towel.  This will not clean your surface, but help to safely keep your marble surface clear from crumbs and sticky substances.  Water will not remove oils and debris from within pores of the surfaces of our natural stone or grout nor will it kill or remove bacteria or viruses.  A cleaning step is still needed, however it’s not needed every time you wipe your countertops, vanities or tabletops.  See Common Mistakes with Marble to learn why using water only or dish soap is not recommended.

Step 2 – Spray & Wipe with Cleanerafter the day’s use.

After the day’s typical use, spray your countertops, vanity or tabletop with Marblelife Marble & Travertine Cleaner and wipe with clean cloth or paper towel.  Agitate so that the cleaner has the opportunity to loosen the oils and grease trapped in the pores and absorb them into the cleaner.

Step 3 – Buff Dryto produce a streak-free shine.

After spraying and agitating, the cleaner has now absorbed the oils and grease that were trapped in the pores.  This is why the professionals turn over the cloth and buff the surface dry.  This helps to absorb the cleaner now carrying the oils and leave nothing behind but the natural clear appearance you originally appreciated about your marble surface.  Any clean cloth or paper towel can be used, however when available a microfiber towel is most recommended because of its ability to reach into the pores with its extremely small fibers.

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