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Myths About Using Water Only

Myths About Using Water Only

It is believed that using only water on natural stone such as on granite countertops or marble flooring is safe. There are three reasons why this is actually very bad for the occupants of the home as well as the stone itself. But first let’s ask a question. Would you wash your dishes with only water or take a shower using only water? Of course your answer is no. So why do this to your countertops? Let’s look at why.

First, water does not clean or remove oil or grease. These are most commonly what get trapped in the pores of the natural stone and grout. These over time will become rancid emitting an odor and can even stain and darken the stone over time. This can be seen in older marble or granite that has not been cleaned properly that is dark and dingy looking.

Secondly, water does not kill or remove anything. Bacteria and viruses that are not removed continue to live in and among the oils trapped in the pores of the stone or grout. This can become a health hazard for the occupants.

Thirdly, water does not remove the residue left on the surface which makes the surface look dull causing people to try polishes and other products that don’t deliver the desired results and typically contribute to the residue on the surface and in the pores. This eventually leads to using products that may damage the surface itself.

You need a granite cleaner designed to emulsify oils so they can be lifted away, along with all the other nasties on the surface. Proper cleaning allows you stone’s natural appearance to shine forth. Proper sealing every other year with MARBLELIFE STONE Sealer prevents oils and bacteria from entering and being trapped in your stone. If you have mold or mildew you know water does not correct the situation, but MARBLELIFE MOLD & MILDEW cleaner sures makes short work of such situations.

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