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Myths About Bleach

Myths About Bleach

Bleach, though a very popular choice, does not actually clean and is only a so so disinfectant. The version of bleach commonly sold for cleaning is a much diluted form of Sodium Hypochlorite and as such is not the best disinfectant. Week or insufficient contact with disinfectants results in bacteria and viruses that develop immunity to the disinfectant. Failure to fully iradicate a bacteria when treating for it whether with an antibiotic or a cleaner, allows the organizism to potentially develop a defense or immunity, just as humans do after getting sick.

The second myth differentiates between clean and disinfected. Even if one has full killed the bacteria or virus on a surface, that does not mean that we have removed the carcus that remains. Better to clean the surface and remove all foreign material whether an oil, or a dead bacteria. As such, an effective surfactant based cleaner designed to lift, surround and emulsify the dirt, oil and debris so it is easier to remove whether dead or alive can result in a cleaner surface.

MARBLELIFE’s line of cleaners are designed to do just that. In fact, these cleaners are so effective that the addition of a few droplets of oil into a glass of cleaner are quickly emulsified within the cleaner. This oil will stay in solution for months, and certainly long enough to lift it from your counter or other surface. Want to put this cleaner to the test, see what it can do on your barbeque grill, one of the greasiest surfaces in any home, and you will be instantly impressed.

These cleaners have also been engineered to assist your cleaning efforts, by allowing dirt and debris to settle out of the water, keeping your water as clean as possible as you mop a floor. This effect is so effective, that one could literally pour off the water and leave much of the dirt in the bucket when one was done if one so desired. As such, these cleaners reduce the frequency in which water must be changed out, and insures that the water used is as clean as possible even towards the end of each pass across the floor being mopped.

These cleaners while designed for their target surfaces whether marble, tile or granite are exceptional general cleaners as well. Safe for use on glass, metal, wood or concrete. There engineered cleaning approach works effectively regardless of the surface, as such you can safely employ them to make your life easier whether cleaning the bathroom, kitchen or any other room in your home.

25 years of restoring and maintaining marble, granite, terrazzo, travertine, concrete, ceramic and other sensitive surfaces has provided MARBLELIFE the experience and opportunity to develop and refine cleaners that truly make your life easier. This is why everyone of our craftsman employed in our 50 service offices across the country employs these products daily as they restore projects in homes, hotels, and office buildings. We are confident you will find these products as easy to use and effective as we have developed them to be.

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