Windows, Mirrors & Glass Cooktop Care

These are easy surfaces to quickly clean when you use Marblelife InterCare Cleaner. Oils and cleaning products are the most common cause of streaks on these surfaces. Using InterCare cleaner removes the oils and residues leaving a true streak free clean. Keep in mind that most glass cleaners are the cause for the laminate backing coming loose from the back of mirrors that result in those black spots around the edges.

After spraying InterCare on a glass surface, wipe as needed to remove spots, finger prints and haze. Before InterCare dries, turn your cloth over and buff dry to assure all streaks are gone.

For Glass cook tops with heavy grease spray ample amounts of InterCare Cleaner onto surface thoroughly wiping complete surface area. Wipe cleaner off with paper towel or rag. Then lightly spray InterCare onto surface area a second time wiping and buffing off like normal until a streak free shine is reveled.

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