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Stainless Steel Care

Avoid using cleaners that contain acid, as this may damage some metal surfaces. Cleaning and removing stains are the only two processes that indoor metals need. Exterior rust protection becomes even more critical due to rain, humidity, sea salt and snow salt.

For cleaning Stainless Steel and other finished metals InterCare cleaner is exceptional in its ability to clean the surface of oils and residues. This will reveal a truly clean metal. Check-out this video showing how easily Intercare can clean this well used barbeque to reveal a clean gleaming metal surface beneath months of grease and oil build-up. I doubt your interior metals ever get this filthy, but if they do you know your cleaner can make short work of it.

If spots or streaks are still visible, use Marblelife Soap Scum Remover to remove the stains from Stainless Steel. This product is engineered with an abrasive designed to be softer than the metal but harder than the residue creating the streak. The result is it powers through the streak and breaks down on contact with the metal selectively removing the streak and leaving behind a pristine clean surface.

Sure we learned a lot engineering products for stone, and tile, so if our cleaners and products are going to be safe on all bathroom and kitchen surfaces, it only made sense that we engineer them to also perform beautifully on metals be they a faucet, stainless steel fridge or oven, or your outside barbeque. Engineered to act like a liquid sponge MARBLELIFE cleaners remove oil and debris with ease.

Party hard this Labor Day, Clean up with ease on Tuesday, get ready for football season with a barbeque that looks brand new, and ready the house for Thanksgiving, all with ease, and all with MARBLELIFE engineered products designed to make life a little easier, cleaner, healthier and beautiful.m Stainless Steel.

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