Painted & Plastic Surfaces

InterCare is a fantastic cleaner for nearly every surface that you can use water on including painted surfaces and plastics. Designed to effectively remove oils and oily residues, this cleaner is exceptional in removing oily hand and fingerprints. Whether using in the kitchen or in your car, you will be amazed how effectively this product cleans your surfaces.

With painted surfaces always test in an inconspicuous are first to assure that the painted surface is in reasonable condition before cleaning. The last thing you want to do is clean off your uncured painted surface before it has fully cured. A good cleaner will do just that. Simply spray surface and wipe clean. Painted surfaces should be dabbed, versus rubbed as not all paints crosslink and cure to provide a durable surface.

Place a bottle under the sink and in the garage to keep your home and auto looking its best.

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