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Tile and Grout Care 101

Some tile may be relatively impervious in terms of water absorption, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged, broken or sullied with unsightly mold or soap scum — remember that your grout is still highly vulnerable to dirt and staining.

5 Steps to a Great Garage

The new year brings with it a fresh start and the desire to get all the spaces in your home organized and looking great once and for all. If your garage is looking more grungy than great, however, then read on.

Blue Note: Meet Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year

Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute and world- renowned color forecaster, recently announced the Pantone 2020 color of the year.

Stone Care Resolutions You Need to Make and Keep in 2020

It’s that time of year when we all try to improve ourselves by making New Year’s resolutions. While we can’t help you lose weight or start a meditation practice, we do have some suggestions for keeping your tile and stone surfaces looking terrific in the year ahead:

Happy Holidays from MARBLELIFE®

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is already winding down and the holidays are once again upon us. It’s time to celebrate and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. At MARBLELIFE®, we’re most thankful for having had the privilege of serving so many families and companies across the United States.

The 12 Floors of Christmas (And MARBLELIFE® Can Restore Them All)

The holidays are a time of restoration and reconnection with family and friends; remembering and celebrating what’s truly important.

Get Holiday-Ready with MARBLELIFE®

It happens all the time. You go out to dinner at a nice restaurant that you’ve been looking forward to trying.

Hearth, Home and the Holidays

Your floors and fireplace won’t get more use and attention any other time of year than during the holidays.

Your Top 5 Mold Questions Answered

Whether it’s in the bathroom, kitchen, basement or walls, mold is an unwelcome visitor and potential harbinger of hygiene and health issues; it’s a persistent problem that can frustrate even the most diligent cleaning efforts.

Give Your Bath Lasting Sparkle and Shine

Week after week, you use cleaners to beat back bathroom grime. But it seems that nothing can fully stop the dirt, mold, and soap scum from returning

Warm Contemporary Kitchen with Granite and Quartz

Three different surfaces — granite, quartz and tile — blend seamlessly in the warm monochrome of this contemporary kitchen.

Re-Accent your Grout for a Whole New Look

The color of your grout can have a tremendous impact on the appearance of your tile surfaces — and not just in terms of whether it looks clean or dirty. It can actually dramatically affect its design style too.

Better-than-Marble MARBLELIFE® Marblized™ Finishes

Since the ancient Greeks crowned the Acropolis with the Parthenon and carved the Venus de Milo, marble has reigned as the most coveted of building materials.

What Is White Dirt and How Do I Get Rid of It?

No matter how many times you wipe it away, it shows up again and again! Well, wonder no more. What you’re seeing isn’t actually dirt, but rather damage to your marble due to etching

Introducing MARBLELIFE Imagination

We’re excited to introduce MARBLELIFE IMAGINATION — our new concrete design and renovation service.

Keep Your Backsplash Beautiful

Acid and oil are a 1-2 punch to your backsplash. Oil is like glue that adheres dirt and grime to your surface.

Stone & Tile Style Spotlight: Hip & Groovy Marble

This isn’t your grandmother’s marble — not by a long shot.

Is Acid Damage Killing Your Floor?

Acid can be highly destructive to many types of natural stone.

Granite Counters a Top Pick According to Builders: How to Care for Yours

According to the National Association of Home Builders, granite and natural stone are the top picks among 57% of respondents to their 2019 What Buyers Really Want survey.

Maintaining Semiprecious and Exotic Stone Surfaces

Exotic and semiprecious stones are crown jewels in the world of home surfaces. Onyx, jasper, labradorite, agate, amethyst, lapis, carnelian and tiger eye are among the choices for these unique and highly prized materials used to beautify homes.

Caring for Your Modern Marble Masterpiece

Larger-format marble tile with a waterfall countertop deliver just the kind of bold, clean lines that takes a classic material in a contemporary direction.

Caring for Your Natural Stone Mosaic Floor

Mosaics have truly withstood the test of time. They’re a decorative art form originating in ancient Mesopotamia that dates back to the 3rd millennium B.C.

Marble: A Timeless Choice That’s Perfectly on Trend

With its indoor-outdoor breezy charm, this stunning master bath is a timeless coastal classic.

Proper Maintenance of Your Porcelain Plank Floor

Porcelain plank floors offer the beauty and character of hardwood with greater durability and ease of care.

Saltillo Tile Offers Rustic Elegance ...and a Grout Maintenance Challenge

Saltillo tile is a perennial favorite in Mediterranean homes. This warm, terra-cotta tile derives its name from the Mexican town where it was first produced.

The Luxury Garage Trend: Let Your Floor Set the Stage

According to the Washington Post, luxury garages are “zooming onto the domestic landscape” as a “new status symbol” in today’s homes.

Summer Stone Dreams

After a long and grueling winter, summer is nearly here again!

Reduce Maintenance Costs with TileLok

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, 20% of MARBLELIFE’s restoration business comes from inappropriate cleaner use. That means it is avoidable.

Stone surface finishes: satin, honed, and textured

Did you know there are several categories of surface finishes in the stone care world: honed, satin, gloss, leathered, flamed, cleft and textured. Some people may think stone finish simply refers to being polished or unpolished, but there’s a lot more nuance to surface finishing than you may realize.

Eliminating Stained Grout – Stain means damage not dirty!

The biggest obstacle to eliminating stained grout is the misconception that a stain is dirt, versus linking a stain to damage. Sure it is dirt that is sitting in the open grout pore that created this stained appearance, but it is the fact that the pore was open in the first place that allowed this travesty to occur.

Coating or Impregnator: what’s the difference?

Hello again, newsletter readers. This week we’re discussing a topic that – unless you are a stone enthusiast (like we are!) – you probably haven’t spent much time thinking about in your day-to-day experiences.

What You Don’t Know About Granite

Granite is one of the world’s most recognizable and widely used stones, desirable as a home improvement material for several reasons. Often synonymous with countertops, it can be used in your bathroom, kitchen, lobby, or bar as walls, flooring, countertops, and backsplashes.

Keeping your travertine clean

Travertine, a variety of limestone known for distinctive swirls and textures, is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. All stone, whether you know it or not, is riddled with small, naturally-formed pores that are prone to collecting soap scum.

A dramatic germ of events

You probably agree that natural stone such as granite, limestone, or travertine can really enhance the aesthetic of both interior and exterior spaces, otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered to install it in the first place, right?

Tile Death Do Us Part

Ceramic tile is extremely versatile, and easily incorporated in a variety of environments across all sorts of decor. It works in bathrooms and on kitchen floors, backsplash walls and island countertops.

As Above, So Patio

As warmer seasons return and it’s only natural to want to spend some time outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. Have you cleaned up that stone, slate or brick paver patio in your own backyard? Are you guest ready?

Your stone is cracked? What now?

Chances are – if you’re anything like us – finding a crack in your floor, table, counter, or slab is the last thing you want to see or begin to deal with. If you’ve done the mental math and understand how much it cost you to have the natural stone installed in the first place, then seeing it damaged can be shocking.

Better Slate than Never

If you can remember back to your middle school science class, you may recall a bit about the material known as slate. Particularly, that it’s the result of a transformative chemical process of pre-existing rock.

Close to the Etch

You may not think it intuitively when looking at it, but marble and granite can be more delicate than you might think. In fact, in many ways, it’s more delicate than synthetic countertops and every now and again will require some attention in the form of a repair, seal or missing that a stain removal.

Cleaning Limestone Surfaces

Limestone surfaces are a popular choice for renovations and improvements providing the luxurious expensive look of marble but an a more affordable old-world price. Most limestone is usually white or off-white in color with unique and naturally occurring patterns throughout the stone.

Truth Will Grout: Common Tile and Grout Myths

When it comes to keeping tile floors looking great, the secret is in the grout. Yes, dirt can sit on the surface but generally cleaning amounts to just that…cleaning. Grout is a more involved story. When grout is kept clean, tile floors look beautiful and can last for years.

Texture Late Than Never

Welcome back to your favorite stone care newsletter! This week we’re going to be talking about natural stone surface finishes. Particularly, honed and textured finishes.

5 Natural Stone Shower Cleaning Tips – Do this and staying clean is EASY

When it comes to renovating your shower, few options are more popular than natural stone. For one, it can last a lifetime and for two, it instantly transforms any bathroom into an elegant yet completely unique space (not to mention it’s incredibly easy to clean!), and of course it immediately adds value to your home.

Trick-or-Treating Candy Stains

Halloween is here and you know what that means. Monsters, ghouls, and ghosts…and candy. Candy everywhere. Perhaps you’ve perfected your candy-eating process, but chances are the young ones in your life have not, which means your home is likely to adopt some stains. Whether those stains are on natural stone, wood, fibers, or leather, the professionals at MARBLELIFE have you covered.

Tending to Tile

Tile and grout floors and surfaces are chosen for a multitude of reasons. But usually at the top of the list are their durability and ease of maintenance. However, when the mop and broom aren’t quite enough, (or are used inappropriately) people can resort to other cleaning methods that may cause unsightly or even permanent damage to the tile and grout.

In The Nick of Travertine

If you follow our newsletter closely, you should know by now that travertine, marble, and limestone are all very similar in physical and chemical composition. That means cleaning and care procedures are essentially the same for all three stones. There are other things which can affect your stone’s resistance to stains.

Natural Stone 101: The truth about your marble, granite, and travertine

Natural stone is a dynamic material exhibiting tremendous variation. From the palette of colors to the diversity of textures. We’ve talked a lot in these newsletters about how to care for and protect these elegant surfaces. However, we haven’t discussed what these surfaces actually are.

Leave No Stone Unturned

As a home or business-owner interested in upgrading your floors, you essentially have two options: natural and engineered. Natural flooring materials include hardwood, bamboo, and stone like travertine, granite, and marble.

The DO’s and DON’T’s of Travertine

Travertine is a type of limestone the Romans heavily extracted from quarries located in the Tivoli district of Rome. This stone is very porous and requires care and maintenance similar to that of marble.

Kiss and makeup

Marble is an attractive surface for many reasons. It’s durable, natural, and elegant in a number of business and household settings. From iconic colonnades to floor tiles, showers and vanities, marble is a stone that has been a building favorite for thousands of years.

Double, Double, Oil and Trouble

Especially to substances like oil, grease, and wax, which can seep through protective seals on stone or tiles and cause those dark and sticky stains.

I Dream of Travertine

Travertine is one of those stones that is a great building materials with functionality and character. Nature knew what she was doing with this beautiful material.

Why Quartz? Why not!

Engineered stone has only been around since the late 1960s, however, its popularity as a countertops material has skyrocketed in recent years, as its value and ease of maintenance benefits are more widely recognized amongst leading builders, interior decorators and successful home owners.

Below the Shine: A Guide to Proper Granite Polishing

Any professional granite installer will advise you your granite needs to be sealed to avoid staining. Unless you know your granite has been resonated (a process by which a polyester resin is vacuumed sucked through the granite at the quarry prior to shipping to enhance transportability without breakage but also serves to seal the stone) you need to seal to seal your granite regularly.

Crack to Square One: How to Deal with Damaged Stone

If you’re like us, then seeing a crack in your table, counter or slab is the last thing you want to deal with. Right up their with visiting the dentist. After all the time and money you spent selecting your surface and getting it installed, seeing it damaged is often a big shock (and pain too!).

The Rule of Scum

Travertine is an attractive variety of limestone known for its distinctive swirling and texture and it’s a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. If you have a travertine shower then you know the surface can be riddled with small, naturally-formed pores, which are prone to collecting soap scum.

Don’t Mold it Against Me

If you struggle with basement mold, you are not alone. It’s a common problem in many homes, particularly those with damp, dark basements—conditions which turn your basement into the promised land for mold and mildew.

The Soapstone Layer

If you’re drawn to the dark beauty of granite and the soft veining of marble, then you’ll love soapstone.

Slate Minds Think Alike

Slate is a metamorphic stone. If you can remember back to your middle school science class, that means it’s the result of a transformation of pre-existing rock under great pressure and temperature.

The Stain Event

One of the most desirable qualities about natural stone is its versatility. Used in sculptures, monuments, buildings, and yes, floors and kitchen countertops. Hard, colorful and beautiful, yet susceptible to staining.

You Had Me at Patio

Now that summer is in full swing, chances are you’ll want to spend some time outside. And what better way to do that than on the beautiful stone, slate or brick paver patio in your own backyard.

May the Quartz Be with You

Quartz countertops are a man-made alternative to natural stone countertops..When talking quartz counters names like “Zodiaq” and “Stilestone” come to mind.

The Day After Terrazzo

Back during the time of the Venetians and Romans, marble was already a popular material used for architecture, flooring, and sculpture. As a result, there was a surplus of marble chips and pieces available after the completion of a project or commission.

Dust in Time for Summer

There are plenty of things to look forward to as summer approaches. The Fourth of July, longer days, warm nights, and going to the beach. However, summer sun and wind may also bring with it dust, dirt, sand and pollen that can be tracked in and coat your stone surfaces.

I Should Have Stone Better

If you’ve ever had your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office then you know the difference professional care makes. Not just because of the equipment and tools used but also because of the order of care.

It’s Sedimentary, my dear Watson

What do marble, limestone, and travertine have in common? For one, they’re all sedimentary stones—although something tells me you knew that already.

COLORSeal Your World

Grout can be a pain. A real frustration. No matter how hard you try it just won’t stay clean, come clean, or return to that original appearance. Dirty grout can really affect the aesthetic of a room or space.

TileLok’ed and Loaded

When you think of granite what are some words that come to mind? Stone? Makes sense. Durable? Still reasonable. Countertops? On a roll here. What about hygienic?

Don’t Count(ertop) Me Out

When you think of granite what are some words that come to mind? Stone? Makes sense. Durable? Still reasonable. Countertops? On a roll here. What about hygienic?

Don’t Mold It Against Me

Nobody likes mold. From finding it on the last slice of bread or in the corners of your stone tile shower. Its appearance is rarely met with anything other than disgust, but have you ever taken the time to learn about it? Most haven’t.

Good Things Scum To Those Who Wait

Soap scum. Sometimes it seems like you’re in a never-ending battle with the stuff. Because no matter how often you clean your tile shower soap scum will build up from time to time.

Tile We Meet Again

Natural stone like granite, marble, and travertine can really enhance the aesthetic of a space. There’s just something about having natural materials around that feels right. And the maintenance required for keeping those materials looking their best is the trade-off we make...

The Early Bird Gets The Germ

Natural stone like granite, marble, and travertine can really enhance the aesthetic of a space. There’s just something about having natural materials around that feels right. And the maintenance required for keeping those materials looking their best is the trade-off we make...

Marble Madness

It seems like every building you walk into nowadays has some sort of marble surface. Businesses may have marble floors, walls, or architectural elements. Homes may have marble décor and kitchen countertops...

Smells Like Travertine Spirit

If your home or business contains travertine surfaces then you share something in common with many ancient Romans, who extensively used travertine throughout the iconic Colosseum along with many other structures...

Lifestyles of the Rich and Stainless

While MARBLELIFE is known for its outstanding stone care services and products, we also know a few things about non-stone surfaces. Stainless steel is a popular material choice for kitchens and bathrooms due to its resistance to corrosion and rust. However, just like natural stone, stainless steel has its own vulnerabilities. If dirt, debris, or grime are allowed to settle into the surface or are improperly cleaned, that beautiful clean appearance may be short-lived.

Our Commercial Customers Are Marbleous!

If you’re sick and tired of your dirty shower area, Marblelife can help! You don’t have to re-tile or replace a thing. It’s all in the products you choose.

Our Appreciation Is Carved In Stone

At MARBLELIFE, we take great pride in our products and services, but we would be nothing without our amazing customers. So we’d like to take the time to give a heartfelt thanks to all our residential customers, old and new, for welcoming us into your homes.

Weapons Of Acid Destruction

Despite what you may think, all floors are susceptible to damage. This damage can come from chips or cracks, grime and debris, and, yes, even from the products you use to care for it. In fact, the biggest culprit of stone-and-tile floor wear and damage is the use of improper cleaners and maintenance products...

Proper Countertop Care? Your Wish Is Granite

Properly protected and cared for, granite will last generations…but its not indestructible.

The Great Groutsby

If you have tile floors or tile countertops, then you know grout appearance can either enhance the look of a room or do the exact opposite. It’s the difference between “beautiful” and “disgustingly embarrassing.” A source of pride or frustrating depending on one’s success (and understanding) regarding how to maintain these surfaces.

Little Mop of Horrors

It may be time to ditch the mop. You’ve had your good times, but sometimes you just grow apart. When that happens it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. And as time has progressed, we’ve learned that mopping isn’t the best way to clean your floors anyway.

Don't Take It For Granite

Granite is one of the world’s hardest and most beautiful countertop materials… when maintained and cared for properly. Acid resistant, it is an ideal kitchen counter top material, able to resist interactions with acidic foods and spills far better than its more sensitive cousin, marble, which is easily etched.

But I sealed my grout?

You will be surprised how many new homeowners are surprised to learn they do not have gray grout but a bright tan. You are not alone.


Check out the reflectivity and clarity on this floor. One may be hard pressed to believe that less than 8 hours ago, it was a traffic worn, etch covered cause of tears for a well-intended home owner.

Proper Care Of Your Marble, Travertine & Terrazzo Surfaces

Marble is a beautiful natural surface with lots of character.

The Most Often Overlooked Aspect of Bathroom Remodeling – YOUR FLOOR

One of the most often overlooked aspect of bathroom remodeling is the floor- other than matching wall and tile colors. What most people often do not realize is that they can change the color of their grout without the mess, dust and delay of cutting it out or replacing the floor.

The Most Often Overlooked Aspect of Bathroom Remodeling – YOUR FLOOR

One of the most often overlooked aspect of bathroom remodeling is the floor- other than matching wall and tile colors. What most people often do not realize is that they can change the color of their grout without the mess, dust and delay of cutting it out or replacing the floor.

To Seal My Stone Or Not To Seal, That Is The Question

When in doubt seal – it is less expensive than the cost of removing a stain (which is never guaranteed).

Heres A "How To" Guide To Keeping Your Tile & Grout Beautiful

Don’t just seal your grout – Colorseal your grout.

When To Use A Stone Care Professional

If you your surface feels rough, appears dull, stained, chipped or damaged it is unlikely that cleaning will make it any better.

Avoid These Mistakes When Cleaning Your Granite Counter-top

Congratulations! You made an excellent choice in countertop materials. If cleaned and treated properly your granite counter will maintain a like-new appearance for not just years but decades.

Granite Is Indestructible - WRONG!

Cracks, pits, scratches, and dullness do happen to granite and it’s not as hard to do as one might think. A slight scraping of a chair across a floor or an appliance on a countertop can cause damage.

What Kind of Surprise is Your Floor Offering Up this Easter?

Those little ones love the Easter Egg hunt about as much as they like putting those little hands in their mouths. What many may not consider, is that the Easter Egg Hunt holiday season sees us encouraging more contact with the floors.

Grout Gets No Respect!

When we look at our floor it is generally the Tile that we focus on, yet when we are looking at a dirty floor, it’s the grout that is generally the culprit.

Caring For Marble Floors Can Be Easy If You Do It Right!

It is often thought that marble flooring is pretty much maintenance free since it is all natural stone that has been quarried from mountain ranges.

Keeping Your Showers and Tub Surrounds Sparkling!

If you’re sick and tired of your dirty shower area, Marblelife can help! You don’t have to re-tile or replace a thing. It’s all in the products you choose.

Identifying Granite and Quartz

Granite is in high demand these days and for good reason. It’s beautiful, durable, and adds value to your home.

Tile & Grout - Basic Care

Clean, untarnished grout is key to keeping your man-made floors and counter tops looking new.

Coatings or Impregnators

How do you determine if you should use a coating or an impregnator for your floor? Both have advantages and disadvantages, so how do you know which one to use?

Sealing Your New Ceramic Tile

To determine if your ceramic tile needs to be sealed, you will need to determine how absorbent the tile is. Most ceramic tile is nonabsorbent and will not need to be sealed.

Should My Granite Countertop Be Sealed

Many argue that granite and other stones do not need to be sealed. This, however, really is not the case.

Solving A Problem With Your Granite Countertop

Granite is a natural stone which comes in many colors. Granite is mainly made of 30% quartz and 60% feldspar. Granite is resistant to most acids and rarely leaves stains or dull spots.

A Guide to Cleaning Your Old Tile Grout

If you have tile in your home, whether it is a floor, shower wall or in the kitchen; chances are the grout will eventually look dirty or stained.

Changing The Color Of Your Existing Grout

Grout is an important part of your tiled area whether it is a floor or wall.

Repairing a Scratched Granite Countertop

Granite is one of the hardest stones, second only to diamond, a factor that contributes to it being the superior choice for kitchen countertops and floors.

The Importance of Cleaning New Grout

Cleaning your new grout on a tile project is a critical part of keeping your tile looking good. Cleaning it in a timely manner is of most importance.

Understanding Granite Tile

Homeowners all over have made the choice to use a beautiful but practical natural stone for their interior and exterior projects. Granite is a prime choice because of its versatile look and durability.

A Guide For Cleaning Your Marble

Due to its elegance, durability and ageless beauty, stone is being specified and installed in increasing quantities these days.


Your first thought is “OH NO I AM GOING TO HAVE TO REPLACE IT?” Its chipped or cracked and looks terrible.

Get To Know Your Granite Surfaces

Granite is a beautiful stone as well as being one of the hardest of the natural stone surfaces. Unlike its plastic counterparts, or the composite counters granite offers superior heat resistance.

Health Benefits Of Removing Shower Mold And Mildew

Just like every other house in America, there is most likely mildew and mold in the showers. This is something that happens to a lot of people but it seems like very few people actually know what the health risks are of having mold and mildew in the showers.

How to care for your marble floors

Marble floors are breathtaking, and can add a lot of value to a persons home.

Kitchen Renovations - Marble and Granite Countertops

In today’s world, everyone wants their house to look as beautiful as what royals had in yester years. Many places in the house which had, till now, been ignored are getting the much needed attention they required.

The Key To A Good-Looking Stone

Stone surfaces can appear dull and dirty with time, despite your best cleaning efforts, and sometimes perhaps because of them. Stone floors lose their high polish over time.