• Quick Tips



    Quick Tips are designed as quick helpful bits of information that help make your life easier.  Stop back form time to time as these will be updated and add to regularly.

    Causes of Odors  43 sec.

    Cleaning with Only Water Myth  81 sec.

    Myths about Vinegar  41 sec.

    Myths about Bleach  30 sec.

    Myths about Alcohol  27 sec.

    Myths about Dish Soap  37 sec.

    Problems Using Acid  23 sec.

    Common Cleaning Product Myths  46 sec.

    Multi-Function Products Myths  67 sec.

    Cleaning vs. Disinfecting  46 sec.

    Furniture Polish & Oil Soaps  33 sec.

    Polishing vs. Conditioning  23 sec.


    Full 6 Minute Cleaning Tips  6:48 min

    Cleaning with InterCare  33 sec.

    Cleaning Floors  93 sec.

    Dusting with InterCare  19 sec.

    Cleaning Glass Surfaces  65 sec.