• Care by Surface – Tile & Grout – Basic Care

     Tile & Grout Basic Care

    You will use the same cleaning methods for all manmade tiles including Ceramic, Porcelain, Mexican Tile, concrete as well as both sanded and non-sanded grout.  These are manmade materials and as such are more durable against acid cleaners with the exception of the grout.  Grout is not to be cleaned using acids according to the manufacture’s label instructions.  Acids can cause grout to loss its color and even crumble out of the grout joints.


    Therefore we only use InterCare Cleaner for cleaning tile & grout of all types.  This assures a brilliant clean without causing damage.  Spray on surface and wipe like using any other cleaner.


    For cleaning grout, spray InterCare into grout joint and scrub with a soft bristle brush and wipe away dirty suds.  Wallpaper brush works best for cleaning grout and a toothbrush is best for the small detail areas and corners.  For maximum cleaning of really dirty grout use Marblelife’s MaxOut Grout Cleaner.


    Pour MaxOut into the grout joint and scrub with a soft bristle brush until dirty suds appear.  Promptly wipe away dirty suds with paper towel or rag.  Repeat if needed for seriously bad grout.  Afterwards clean remaining MaxOut off the grout and tiles with InterCare cleaner for a seriously clean tile floor, as this will deliver a highly professional grout cleaning.

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