• Care by Surface – Granite & Quartz – Order of Care

    The Order of Care

    When caring for your natural stone such as Granite there is an order to things which helps to assure the best care possible based on your Granite's longevity and appearance.  This order is:

    1)      First – Clean your Granite as best as possible regularly.

    2)      Second – Repair your Granite if needed such as removing stains or repairing cracks.

    3)      Third – Seal your Granite to help protect against stains and to help make cleaning easier.

    4)      Lastly – Conditioning to help bring out your Granite’s best appearance if needed, as desired.

    The intervals of these activities are very subjective and vary greatly based on the environment of the stone such as: Is your Granite indoors or outdoors, does it get high traffic or very little use and alike.  With this said here are some very general intervals:

    1)      Cleaning should be done regularly between daily to weekly.

    2)      Sealing should be done annually, between every six months to every two years.

    3)      Repairs should be done as needed and a promptly as possible.

    4)      Conditioning can be done as desired between monthly and just on occasions.

    Again these are very general intervals to help give some frame of reference.

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