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British owned and British managed.

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MARBLELIFE is the largest stone, tile & grout restoration and maintenance company in the world, we cover all Emirates, commercial and residential.

MARBLELIFE has leveraged their commitment to developing cost effective techniques to restore marble, granite, terrazzo, ceramic and porcelain surfaces to become the fastest growing Stone, Tile and Grout care company in the country.  MARBLELIFE’s commitment to quality and service are best demonstrated by those accounts who routinely select MARBLELIFE to provide them their services.  MARBLELIFE maintains more hotels than any other company in the country.  MARBLELIFE will not only deliver a quality appearance but will do so without creating a mess, and will be on time.  Whether working in your home, your building or your hotel, our craftsman are trained to be safe and discrete.

There is virtually nothing you can do to your marble, granite or terrazzo that MARBLELIFE cannot fix, repair or restore.  Whether you need to remove a dull or worn spot, repair a chip or crack, eliminate water marks or etches, or complete some periodic sealing or polishing maintenance, MARBLELIFE’s staff is trained to deliver.  Seeking to restore a terrazzo floor, complete a historic renovation, or simply seeking to return the natural luster and beauty your marble or granite had when it was first installed, MARBLELIFE will deliver. Not happy with the finish on your slate?  Want a wet color finish, or to boost the sheen or elevate the stone to a full gloss without using scuffable waxes?  Ask your MARBLELIFE representative about their proprietary Interlok treatment for slate, brick and quarry tile. Not sure what happened to your stone, but you know what you want it to look like?  Let us know, we can dial the finish in.

Seeking a marble clean-and-polish or a marble clean-and-seal maintenance visit to insure your current stone surfaces maintain their beauty and appearance

contact us at

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and talk to a real human being knowledgeable in the stone restoration craft.


Estimates are always no obligation free consultations with a BRITISH MARBLELIFE trained stone craftsman.  At each consultation we seeks to accomplish five objectives:

  1. Understand what service you need.
  2. Define what conditions or problems may have lead to create the problem you are seeking to correct.  This enables us to not only define an appropriate remedy but also to provide some feedback which might be useful in caring for your surface after the service is completed.
  3. Define the necessary treatment required to restore your surface to the desired appearance, whether that is the original or a new appearance.
  4. Outline your options, if more than one approach is available, the projected costs, and expected results.
  5. Outline a maintenance program designed to enable you to cost-effectively maintain your newly restored surface.


CLEANERS – Seeking a marble cleaner, a granite cleaner or a stone cleaner?

MARBLELIFE Intercare is a surfactant based pH neutral stone cleaner designed to emulsify oils and acids and leave a streak-free finish to your stone.

Mold and Mildew a problem?

Consider calling MARBLELIFE to assess what is is causing your problem, then get rid of the symptom using our Mold & Mildew Cleaner.

Shower walls looking dull?

Struggling to remove soap scum build-up? MARBLELIFE long ago developed a cleaner designed to not only dissolve soap, but provide a soft abrasive cleaner engineered to be softer than marble, yet harder than soap.  In so doing, this novel product can quickly scrape away soap without damaging marble, granite or other shower tile.  Unlike competitive abrasives which may be fine on hard surfaces such as porcelain or ceramic will scratch marble MARBLELIFE Soap & Scum Remover will work safely on virtually any bathroom surface. Tested and refined daily by more than 100 MARBLELIFE stone craftsman across the World, Intercare is manufactured by MARBLELIFE.

POLISH – Looking to boost the gloss, shine or luster on your shower walls or counters?

Consider MARBLELIFE Marble Cream.  This easy to use stone polish provides additional shine and luster quickly, easily, without difficulty.

SPOT & ETCH REMOVAL – Have a pesky water mark that just keeps coming back?

MARBLELIFE Gold Plus Gloss Restorer has been specially formulated to allow you to remove those light spots and etches.  This easy to use product can save you thousands while insuring you have not only a spot free surface, but a beautiful gloss finish.

OUR GUARANTEE – If MARBLELIFE is maintaining your property on a monthly basis and you are using our Intercare Stone Cleaner as prescribed we will guarantee your floor will never need to be restored again.  MARBLELIFE has high traffic commercial properties that we have maintained for more than 15 years in this manner.

MARBLELIFE has several hotels in the UAE market that are maintained in this manner.  MARBLELIFE can also set up similar programs for residential including semi-annual polishing designed to maintain your stone’s factory finish appearance.  Similarly your ceramic and porcelain grout does not need to slowly darken and stain, but can be maintained in its clean, fresh new appearance with the appropriate protection and care.

Recognized Accreditations held:

During the course of 2007 MARBLELIFE undertook a DNV audit and were successful in meeting the required standard, moving us a step closer to our goal of achieving ISO 9001:2001 certification.  This makes MARBLELIFE the only company in The UAE in our field to have achieved recognition at this standard.

Marblelife UAE are members of The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc

The BICSc is the premier organization for the cleaning industry. The BICSc is primarily concerned with the promotion of the cleaning industry and its status through the medium of education.  Staff motivation is one of our primary concerns, low staff morale has been the undoing of many a company in our industry.  Whilst we are unable to formally qualify our technicians at NVQ or City and Guilds level we are able to use these resource materials to ensure that all employees are on a training program and that they are making progression.  We feel that our team members genuinely feel that they are

  • well remunerated
  • able to be trained
  • able to make career progression
  • treated well
  • valued by their employer and their employers clients
  • regarded as the best at what they do
  • highly motivated
  • part of a strong team
  • working in the most prestigious facilities in the world – on merit !!

 And as a result of the above we feel that we have a highly motivated, regularly appraised workforce whose primary interest is to keep our company’s position as the leader in our field.

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Proudly Serving the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharja, Ajman, Ras Al Khaima,  Al Ain, Fureirah, Al Ain, Palm Jumeirah, Umm Suqueim, Emirates Hills, Jumeirah, Garhood, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Islands, Meadows, Hattan.