• Tile and Grout Stripping & Regrouting

    Tile and Grout Stripping & Regrouting

    Tile and Grout Stripping & Regrouting

    Grout stripping is removing a thin layer of grout to remove stains and allow the grout’s natural color to appear.  Once completed the grout should be re-sealed to boost stain resistance going forward.  This process is suitable for non-sanded grout typically used with marble, limestone, travertine, salturnia and other soft natural stones.  Grout lines are typically less than ¼” wide.  In cases of stained grout that will not clean up with powerbrush or deep extraction techniques which focus on removing surface dirt, this is the next level of attention. Once completed it is imperative that the floor be routinely sealed and cleaned with an appropriate pH neutral stone cleaner, such as INTERCARE Cleaner to maintain the restored floor appearance.  This technique can be utilized once or twice before the grout needs to be regrouted, a more costly process.This process is not suitable for sanded grout.


    Re-grouting is designed to replace broken on missing grout with new grout.  When faced with broken or missing grout it is important that the root cause be determined else the new grout may also break and be lost. Possible causes include an improper initial installation or building movement. The pattern of breaks is often sufficient to enable a trained craftsman to read the cause and begin to assess longterm feasibility and repair options. Once the decision to regrout has been made, the old grout must be cut out such that sufficient installed tile edge is available for the new grout to properly bond to it.Please note, simply wiping in new grout over old grout will result in a failure as new grout does not bond well to old grout.  Re-caulking or caulking may also be required if working in a corner where two walls are coming together in a shower or wet environment.  Caulk has greater movement capability allowing it to maintain seal integrity under movement conditions which would split grout.  Your MARBLELIFE trained craftsman can provide guidance on needs.

    Once restored to a clean new fresh appearance and finish MARBLELIFE can provide you the cleaners and other care products you need to maintain that new appearance for years to come.