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    : 888-218-4616
    : Phoenix, Arizona, United States

    Each office has been trained to assess your needs, customize a solution to your situation, and to perform the necessary services, but also to develop a maintenance program that will allow you to avoid future restorations and even more importantly maintain a consistent appearance going forward.

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    MARBLELIFE® Of Phoenix

    MARBLELIFE offers:

    Marble polishing, cleaning, repairs and restoration
    Granite polishing, cleaning, repairs and restoration
    Terrazzo repairs, cleaning, polishing cane care
    Grout cleaning, grout restoration, and repairs
    Stone Restoration

    MARBLELIFE is the largest stone, tile & grout restoration and maintenance company in the country, with more than 50 locations. Growth driven by an unwavering commitment to exceptional results, beautiful work, delivered on-time by professional MARBLELIFE trained craftsman. With more than 25 years experience, MARBLELIFE has refined its service to make this a clean worry-free experience for each of our many clients.

    Website: http://marblelife.com/phoenix/