• Residential Stone Restoration

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    MARBLELIFE® Residential Stone Restoration

    Whatever your tile need, marble concern or granite frustration - MARBLELIFE can help.  Their is virtually nothing you can do to your stone, tile or terrazzo MARBLELIFE cannot restore.
    Enter you zip code, locate your local office, and request YOUR FREE on-site consultation to learn what can be done to bring your stone back to life.

    Granite and marble care services

    • cleaning
    • polishing
    • restoration
    • scratch removal
    • sealing
    • stain removal

    services along with our full line of granite and marble polish and cleaners will keep your stone surfaces looking new for years to come.

    Frustrated with the appearance of your granite or marble floor, shower, vanity, counter top or table?
    A quick call to MARBLELIFE and you won’t only alleviate your frustration, but understand what may have happened to the beauty and lustrous shine of your marble or granite floor, shower or counter tops and learn how to prevent it and how to care for your stone surfaces. Whether you are seeking to remove scratches, etches, or water spots from your marble or granite counter tops or tile, need marble polish to keep your stone surface shiny, or marble or granite repair or restoration, we can diagnose the problem, prescribe the correct remedy, and deliver a beautiful result in a timely, professional manner. Oh yeah, and we can do all this without creating dust or debris. When our team leaves your home, your marble or granite surface will look better than when we arrived!
    MARBLELIFE restores and maintains more marble floors, terrazzo floors, granite counters and tiled bathroom floors in hotels and commercial buildings every month than anyone else in the country.

    With 25 years experience, and more than 50 locations, we deliver world class results with local MARBLELIFE trained and certified stone craftsman.

    Get a FREE on-site restoration and maintenance consultation by simply entering your zip code and contact information to the left.MARBLELIFE will provide you a rapid situation evaluation, review your options and estimates so you can make an informed decision as to how to reclaim and maintain your stone surfaces elegance, and your first impressions. Stone Care? We Live For Your Stone.We care for and about your stone, tile and grout. We can fix those chips, scratches, repair those dings and dull areas, and show you can perform stain removal on your marble or granite right on your own. We can change its appearance by raising its gloss, toning it down or evening it out. Tell us what you want and we'll deliver the magic, turning frustration into a beautiful stone surface.

    Grout problems?

    We can restore your sanded grout to its original color or change it to the color you would prefer. Non-sanded grout can be cleaned and sealed for a refreshed look.

    If you need your marble or granite to be cleaner or polished or maybe restoration has came to mind, MARBLELIFE granite and marble care provides the broadest network of professionally trained stone craftsman worldwide that specialize in stain removal and the repairing of your marble or granite floor, counter tops and more. Call today for a free no obligation estimate.

    Vanities may not be walked on, but they can take a chemical beating. Hair spray, perfumes, deodorant, hard water and cleaners can all take a toll on your counter tops.

    A quick call is all you need and MARBLELIFE can have you smiling again.

    Bar tops
    Marble will suffer drink rings, water spots, and lemon wedge etches. All of which are repairable. Using a marble and granite polish will restore brilliance to that of a new installation.

    Have a cracked granite surface?
    If we can fix this granite sign imagine what we can do with your granite counter tops!

    Marble and granite polish, repairing, sealing.

    Solid Surface Counters 
    Scratch and stain removal & gloss enhancement, MARBLELIFE can deliver a higher than factory finish to add shine and brilliance to your marble or granite kitchen surfaces.

    Quartz and engineered stone can suffer chip pop-outs, pitting and cracking as well as manufacturing related dull spots and imperfections. In the hands of a professional MARBLELIFE craftsman each situation is repairable.

    MARBLELIFE can even apply an alligator skin texture to your quartz surfaces if this is desirable.