• Residential Stone Maintenance

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    Always Look Good!
    With granite and marble cleaner, polish and restoration services from MARBLELIFE, your stone surfaces will look as they did when you first purchased them.
    Tile,Marble & Granite takes more than periodic cleaning and care to maintain a like-new appearance. Looking to maintain that beautiful natural stone appearance?Call your local MARBLELIFE craftsman for a free assessment.  Enter your zip code to secure the number for your local MARLELIFE representative.A comprehensive marble and granite careprogram includes:
    • Cleaning
    • Protective Polishing
    • Sealing

    Without a balanced marble or granite care program these surfaces will eventually need professional restoration.

    A properly restored marble or granite floor will have a stone hardener applied as the final step in order to improve the stone’s natural scratch resistance.
    • Fast - The restoration of these surfaces can be done more rapidly and less expensively than damage to the stone itself.
    • Protective - An annual polish will repair micro and minor scratches.  Large scratches are dug out by dirt and dust repeatedly guided to and down the length of an existing minor scratch.  By repairing started scratches major wear damage can be avoided.
    • Consistent Quality Appearance - Shine and clarity are detracted by minor scratches and etches, by consistently addressing issues while small one can maintain a consistent mirror like finish year round.
    • Less Expensive than Periodic Restoration - the deeper the scratch or damage the more time, energy and cost is required.  Proper maintenance allows you to avoid deep scratches.
    Marble and granite should be cleaned with a pH neutral stone cleaner, such as Intercare. Care should be taken to avoid any acidic cleaner or product that does not specifically state it is stone safe.
    Like most insurance policies, when disaster strikes the policy looks pretty inexpensive. Sealing your marble or granite stone reduces the following:
    • The risk of staining.
    • The depth of damage if the stone is cleaned with an inappropriate acidic cleaner.
    • Mold attack by reducing the nooks and crannies where mold spores seek to attach.
    • This is the service you do not need until it is too late.

    Wondering how to care for your marble or granite?

    Call your local MARBLELIFE craftsman to discuss your specific stone and situation.

    Estimates are FREE.

    MARBLELIFE's reason to be is to create and deliver products and services to restore and MAINTAIN marble and granite as well as other solid surfaces.

    Not sure who to call?

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