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6" Polisher / Buffer 6" Polisher / Buffer -- $42.95 -- This All Purpose 6" Polisher's two-handle design and rubber over-molded grips makes it comfortable & easy-to-use.Etch Removal- Use this buffer to polish out those dull spots from your counter-top. vanity-top. table-top with Gold Plus Gloss Restorer.Gloss Enhancement - Use this buffer with MARBLELIFE Marble Gloss Conditioner to shine up your shower walls. countertops. vanities and tabletops for enhanced beauty.Great for the do-it-yourselfer! Don't forget your extra 6" Tan Pads! Where To Use:Countertops. Vanity Tops. Table Tops. Fireplaces Countertops. Vanity Tops. Table Tops. Fireplaces Directions & Coverage: Place polish. etch remover or soap&scum remover under a tan pad.  Center pad under buffer wheel.  Turn buffer to a low setting.  While applying light pressure cover polish a 2 x 2 foot section at a time. BUFFER SPECIFICATIONS Volts - 120 volts AC onlyAmps- 0.5 AOPM - 4400 OPMCord - 10 ft. (3m)Includes foam applicator Bonnett . . .
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6" Polishing Pads 6" Polishing Pads -- $1.95 -- MARBLELIFE 6" Polishing Pads are available as single units or in a case of 10 pads. Where To Use: Use with MARBLELIFE 6" Hand Buffer to clean and polish stone.    
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Granite Countertop Gloss Conditioner Granite Countertop Gloss Conditioner -- $12.95 -- MARBLELIFE's Granite Countertop Gloss Conditioner is a single application polish/protectant designed to bring to life the natural beauty of your granite without adding coatings that can darken or otherwiseharm your granite over time.  Granite Countertop Gloss Conditioner helps to protect your granite from harmful contaminates entering its pores.  Great for use on polished stone surfaces such as countertops, table tops, and walls. DIRECTIONS: Clean countertop with MARBLELIFE's Granite Countertop Cleaner and allow to completely dry.   Shake bottle well.  Using a clean dry cloth apply Granite Countertop Guard to surface using a firm circular rubbing motion. Allow to set for 3-5 minutes, then Buff surface with a different clean dry cloth.  Apply to your stone's surface as needed to maintain your stone's full natural beauty. NOT FOR USE ON FLOORS.
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Marble Gloss Conditioner 16oz (formerly Marble Cream) Marble Gloss Conditioner 16oz (formerly Marble Cream) -- $19.95 -- MARBLELIFE Marble Gloss Conditioner (formerly Marble Cream) is a one-step hand-rubbed conditioner for marble and natural stone to enhance and protect the gloss of polished surfaces. MARBLELIFE Marble Gloss Conditioner has proven to be the finest stone care and maintenance product for table tops, countertops, fireplace hearths, vanities, walls,bar tops and more.DIRECTIONS: 1. Clean surface with MARBLELIFE InterCare Cleaner. 2. Shake bottle. 3. Using a soft cloth, apply Marble Gloss Conditioner directly to the entire stone surface. 4. Let set one minute. 5. Buff with a dry cloth.
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Marble Polish Marble Polish -- $24.95 -- MARBLELIFE Marble Polish Gloss (formerly Marble Gold Plus Gloss Restorer)An easy-to-use polishing compound for marble restores gloss and removes lite etches/ring marks caused by acidic fluids.  Use for the care and restoration of: table tops, countertops, fireplace hearths, vanities, walls, bar tops.  Always test on a small area to ensure desired results.  Use rubber gloves.  Not to be used on granite surfaces.***REQUIRES INTERCARE CLEANER*** InterCare Cleaner is formulated to neutralize acidic compounds & to quickly remove residual polishing residues. DIRECTIONS: 1.  Clean surface with MARBLELIFE InterCare Cleaner. 2.  Shake bottle vigorously for 60 seconds to assure solids are loosened from the bottom of the bottle. 3.  Apply approximately one-half ounce of water to the etched area.  Apply one ounce of MARBLELIFE Marble Polish directly to the etched or dull area.  4.  Rub vigorously in a circular motion using a damp white buffing . . .
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MARBLELIFE - "Restoring & Maintaining the Natural Beauty of YOUR Stone, Tile & Grout Surfaces." MARBLELIFE specializes in providing restoration, care and maintenance solutions and products for ceramic, concrete, granite, limestone, marble, porcelain, quartz, slate, terrazzo, travertine, and other natural and engineered surfaces. Special cleaners are required to care for acid sensitive surfaces such as marble, limestone and travertine for which MARBLELIFE has formulated patent protected marble cleaners. Natural stones such as marble and granite need to be properly and regularly sealed in order to resist costly stains from day-to-day use, for which MARBLELIFE developed and marketed its marble sealer. Similarly tile and grout surfaces will quickly develop a dirty, splotchy, stained and darkened appearance unless properly sealed using MARBLELIFE grout sealer, and routinely cleaned using our Tile & Grout Cleaner. MAXOUT was developed to assist home owners to reclaim their floors removing oils most effectively. Polished concrete will benefit from MAXOUT's ability to not only clean but maintain the floors polished appearance. Need answers see our section of books and e-books designed to provide you the HOW-To-Care answers you need for your ceramic, marble, granite, travertine and terrazzos. Have a granite counter top make sure you are sealing regularly with MARBLELIFE stone cleaner and cleaning daily using MARBLELIFE Granite cleaner inorder to maintain your investments' beauty. Whether you are located in Detroit or Dallas, Los Angeles or Philadelphia, Orlando or Phoenix, Vancouver or Toronto, MARBLELIFE can provide you the restoration and maintenance needs you require through the largest network of stone-and-tile restoration exports in North America. Whether you need: marble cleaner marble polish marble sealer granite cleaner granite sealer tile cleaner grout cleaner tile and grout cleaner grout sealer marble etch remover shower mold and mildew remover soap and scum remover MARBLELIFE delivers the product and services you need to restore a new appearance to your stone, tile and grout.
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