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    Here you will find a number of questions about MARBLELIFE®'S grout cleaning and restoration processes. If you are unable to find the answer that you are looking for on this page, contact MARBLELIFE® customer service, or use the alternate contact information listed on our Contact Us page.

    Q: How long will the COLORSeal process take?
    A: Stain Sealing Protection can usually be applied in 3 to 6 hours.

    Q: How long after the COLORSeal has been applied can my customers walk on their tile floors?
    A: The floor is ready for light foot traffic in approximately 20 - 30 minutes. Of course, walking on the tile and avoiding the grout joints allows customers to access every treated room right away.

    Q: What is the curing time for COLORSeal?
    A: The Stain Sealer will cure over a 14 day period. Try to keep the grout dry until that time for the best results.

    Q: What type of grout can be COLORSealed?
    A: COLORSeal is suitable for interior tile installations with sanded grout. COLORseal is formulated for use on interior and exterior grout, although periodic touch-ups may be required in exterior applications to maintain uniform color and protection.

    Q: How long does newly installed grout need to cure before the Stain Seal is applied?
    A: Newly installed grout should be allowed to cure for 48 - 72 hours before COLORSeal or any other seal is applied.

    Q: How is COLORseal applied to the grout?
    A: COLORSeal protection into each grout joint by hand and remove all of the excess from the tile. Next, we carefully inspect the floor and buff the tile to ensure the quality of our work and that we have left a streak-free surface.

    Q: How long does COLORseal's Protection last?
    A: If the tile and grout are maintained properly, the protection can last 8 to 10 years or more.

    Q: Can you change grout color with COLORSeal?
    A: Yes, COLORSeal is so effective that it can actually enable a customer to change their grout color from light-to-dark or dark-to-light.

    Q: Can you match any grout color?
    A: COLORseal is tinted to match nearly every grout manufacturer's color palate. (Custom, C-Cure, Hydroment, Mapai, Tec and more)

    Q: How do I care for my newly restored grout after MARBLELIFE®'s COLORSeal application?
    A: 1. Mop as normal using a pH neutral stone cleaner such as Intercare Concentrate or Ready-to-Use Intercare Concentrate. Do not utilize acidic tile cleaners, or vinegar on your new or old grout as the acid can dissolve the color ingredients.

    A: 2. Re-seal or have MARBLELIFE® re-seal your grout every 2 years to insure your otherwise absorbent grout has been sealed to resist stain damage.

    MARBLELIFE® offers an annual deep extraction cleaning and touch-up service on an annual basis applied by a MARBLELIFE® trained craftsman.

    Q: As a builder why would I consider using COLORSeal in our new construction applications?

    A: Tile installers hate to come back and clean off the grout dust and seal the floor. Once complete if done properly a penetrating sealer will seal the grout without leaving any visual change in appearance, so how does one know it was applied or that every area was addressed. One cannot. Penetrating sealers often require more than one application to insure delivery of a proper seal.

    With MARBLELIFE®'s COLORSeal application MARBLELIFE® provides you a means of not only KNOWING the tile has been properly sealed, but provides a superior seal. COLORSeal applications seal topcially, when the color is right the seal is in place. You KNOW it has been done because you can visually see the change in color appearance. If an area were to be missed you'd know you'd see it. But then we would see it first, so you never would.

    Streamline your tile laying by letting your crew operate with the same grout and let MARBLELIFE® allow you to guarantee that the tile has been properly sealed.

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