• Colorseal – Better Than New Tile

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    (Clean, Repair, Color & Stain Seal) Have stained grout? Tile and grout is looking dull and spotty? Can't get your original grout appearance back no matter how hard you try? MARBLELIFE®'s GROUTLIFE® COLORSeal process will make you smile again!


    GROUTLIFE® COLORSeal returns a beautiful clean appearance to any sanded grout surface, while sealing your grout to prevent future discolorations and problems.To begin the restoration process, a commercial tile and grout cleaner is applied to the tile floor. Grout lines and tile are agitated and scrubbed clean. Soiled dirt has been broken up, emulsifued and is then extracted using a truck-mounted or portable vacuum system. MARBLELIFE®'s GROUTLIFE® COLORSeal is then brushed into your grout lines, sealing in their clean original color and preventing future spills or dirty mop water from penetrating or re-staining the grout. The result --- your tile looks fresh, clean and new. Color is returned to the consistent fresh clean appearance you saw when your floor was first installed. COLORSeal also provides superior stain resistance. Within 20 minutes a glass of red wine could be spilled and cleaned up without staining your grout. Spills stay on top where they are easy to clean.


    Tired of being disappointed after having your floors cleaned - this is the answer!


    Once cleaned and restored to a clean new fresh appearance and finish MARBLELIFE® can provide you the cleaners and other care products you need to maintain that new appearance for years to come.


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