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    Eliminate Marble Spots, Etches, Rings and Spill marks Once and for all!  That's right - MARBLELIFE® now offers a permanent acid-resistant anti-etch treatment for your marble and limestone counters, vanities and tables.  Most films and coatings in the past have suffered a plastic look.  MARBLELIFE® has solved this problem with a technology that allows us to dial in the natural look and finish you desire while eliminating spots, spill marks, rings and etches once and for all.  Enter you zip code and speak with you local MARBLELIFE® Craftsman about the break through technology!


    MARBLELIFE® performs the following services: marble cleaning & granite counter top care. We use specially formulated marble cleaners and polish to keep your natural stone surfaces looking the same as the day it was installed.

    MARBLELIFE® can answer your questions, provide the marble care guidance you need and restoration services necessary to maintain and enhance your beautiful counter, table, bar, registration desk or vanity.

    Whether working with marble, granite or other natural stone surfaces, there is virtually no damage we cannot repair. Remember

    • Marble is naturally porous and will require periodic sealing.
    • Proper marble care with a PH neutral stone cleaner is a key ingredient to maintain a consistently beautiful stone surface.


    Granite is the hardest of the natural stone countertop surfaces. Naturally resistant to acid, granite surfaces rarely etch (there are a few calcite containing granites that will etch in the presence of acidic spills, cleaners or fruit but this is rare) making it an ideal counter top surface. HOWEVER as with all natural stones these materials are porous and therefore susceptible to absorbing discoloring spills or greases resulting in stains. While stains can be removed they require patience, due to removal of your granite surface from use for an extended period of time, if being removed by an outside vendor can be expensive. Better to avoid the inconvenience and expense and make sure your granite counter top is sealed every other year.

    Many new manufacturers resinate their granite slabs as part of the manufacturing and shipping methods. Resinating is the act of vacuuming a plastic resin through the entire stone. This is done to counter the natural brittleness of granite making it easier to ship, but has the additional side benefit of filling in the stone pores, effectively reducing the chance of sealing. If your granite was installed AFTER 2005 there is a good chance your granite counter is resinated. If not sealing becomes a more critical element. Sealing it on installation is the first step, however harsh cleaners and acidic spills can degrade your seal over time, hence the recommendation to re-seal every other year.

    MARBLELIFE® can establish a polish-and-seal maintenance schedule to remind you and assist you with this important household maintenance step with a quick call.


    Marble while elegant and beautiful is more apt to spot-etch-or-dull overtime when used in a busy kitchen, master bathroom or bar. Marble is susceptible to acid attack from spills, personal care products, fruit juices and harsh cleaners. Being porous it is also susceptible to staining from colored spills. That’s why marble cleaning & counter top care services along with periodic sealing - every other year - is recommended to clean, polish and enhance your stain resistance by insuring any spill remains on TOP of the counter and is not allowed to penetrate INTO the counter. Acid etching, drink rings and water-spots that are found on marble are going to happen. When they do you can (if so small that you can see them but cannot feel them) use MARBLELIFE® MARBLE POLISH (available through your local MARBLELIFE® office or through the online store) a marble polish used to buff out etching, water spots and more or have the marble surface repaired, and re-polished by your MARBLELIFE® craftsman.

    If you have lived with a marble counter, vanity or table top you have or will encounter etching.  Etching appears as a white spot, spill mark, ring or other white blemish.  The GOOD NEWS is MARBLELIFE®'s CLEANShield Treatment can make your marble acid etch resistant with a single treatment, halting this counter top problem once and for all.  Give us a call, ease your frustrations and love your marble.

    MARBLELIFE® was the first company to develop techniques for restoring quartz and engineered stone surfaces capable of restoring their natural finish, or providing a higher than factory finish gloss and shine. Chips, pitting and cracks can all be repaired onsite.

    Did you know that Quartz and Engineered Stone surfaces such as DuPont's Zodiaq and Stilstone's surfaces require different polishing techniques than natural stone surfaces due to the differences in hardness between the quartz and the polyester resin binders? MARBLELIFE® can restore an original finish to these beautiful surfaces, OR provide a glossy granite like finish free of the "alligator" skin effect observed on original manufactured Zodiaq surfaces.

    One benefit of these engineered surfaces is the fact that they do not have pores like marble, granite and tiled grout surfaces to capture spills and potentially stain. This makes maintenance a little easier than marble, granite, slate, flagstone or grouted tiles.

    Want to get rid of those scratches and knife marks on your solid surface counters such as Corian? MARBLELIFE® can not only remove them, but should you desire we can boost the gloss and shine another notch versus factory installed levels.

    Consider visiting the Stone Doctor segment for for more information and guidance based on your specific surface and symptoms.