• Commercial Granite Restoration

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    Commercial Granite Floor & Counter-Top Restoration

    Dull spots on your granite floor by the doors, in the elevators or in your high traffic areas? MARBLELIFE® can restore a smooth, new beautiful appearance again. Polished using high speed diamond technology optimized for granite restoration. Talk to the company that has restored more granite floors and has maintained high traffic granite floors without the need for additional restoration through North America and now Worldwide.

    Granite Floor Maintenance

    While many companies will not work on granite, MARBLELIFE® relishes the opportunity. We not only work with granite, we can maintain your high traffic granite surfaces in a manner that enables us to guarantee that if we are maintaining your floor monthly you will NEVER have to restore it again.

    Once restored your granite floor or counter top finish can be maintained using MARBLELIFE® know-how and care product. High traffic buildings can maintain their granite floors with monthly MARBLELIFE® maintenance visits which include cleaning with approved granite cleaner, and appropriate honing and polishing to maintain a restored new appearance year round.

    MARBLELIFE® will even guarantee that you will never need to restore your granite countertop or floor again as long as we are maintaining the floors and performing the granite countertop care on a monthly basis. Furthermore we can do this for less than the cost to periodically restore the floor. You change the oil in your car to maintain your engine; you maintain your floors in order to avoid expensive restoration or a drop in appearance.